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NarraSoft’s team of artists have produced outsourced 3D models for animation, digital art, and manufacturing. See why we’re the choice digital company for some of the biggest entertainment brands.

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Choose a Competitive Industry Player to Outsource your 3D Modeling Needs

We’ve been providing 3D modeling outsourcing services to our clients for over 10 years and have built a reputation of creating world-class quality artwork. Our 3D artists are backed by years of experience with proven track records of exceptional 3D Modeling work including:

Video Games

Narrasoft provides highly detailed 3D models for video games, perfect for your environments, characters, visual design, and development. These models come from our team of seasoned artists who have been doing 3D game outsourcing for over a decade.

Digital Models of Toys and Collectibles

3D models for toys and collectibles are easily accomplished with our outsourcing services. Our artists can design detailed models for toys, collectibles, and miniatures of various sizes and styles.

Augmented Reality, (AR) Assets of Retail Products, such as furniture and clothing

3D models have a myriad of uses, including fashion and interior design. Visualize your specialty goods with our outsource 3D modeling services and outputs.

Medical Explainers

Our 3D models can also aid the medical field with explainers that help visualize operations and other processes. Our skilled artists will create anatomically-based medical explainer animations that you can use for educational purposes.

eLearning Models

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, more resources are needed to sufficiently ensure learning. 3D models help with the learning process as it allows for easier visualization. Narrasoft outsources 3D modeling services that fit your learning needs and requirements.

Client-Specific Requirements

Narrasoft offers bespoke 3D modeling services for specific pieces and designs that you need. Our 3D artist can create a variety of models for several industries and purposes to fit your requirements.

When you outsource your 3D modeling services to us, you’re getting quality output while saving on costs for your business. Instead of having to hire your own in-house team, you save a fraction of hiring costs by outsourcing our services.

Work with a Passionate Team of 3D Game Art Outsourcing Experts

Creating a video game means having a team with excellent synergy, talent, and vision. With Narrasoft, you get to work with a dedicated collaborative team of professionals for your project. From project managers to concept artists, we have a wide range of talent that can give you exactly what you want for your game.

Our 3D game art outsourcing services give you access to the following:

Project Managers

Project managers are your second-in-command. They ensure that your project stays updated and on schedule. With our project managers, you can easily get updates on the plans, organization, status, and direction of your projects. ensure that your project is on schedule and on track.


Designers bring cohesion to the aesthetic of your video game. In charge of brainstorming for your plot, characters, visuals, and layouts, game designers set a solid foundation for you and the team. With our video game designers, you can get a unique and cohesive look to your 3D models.

Layout Artists

Layout artists serve as the directors of photography in the gaming industry. Their eye for detail and composition allow games to have truly stunning scenes. Their prime responsibility revolves around composing such scenes and storyboarding, which then creates some of the most memorable frames in your game.

Concept Artists

Concept artists work on developing the style and aesthetics of a game. From the environment to character art, these artists create sketches as a baseline for the 3D artists to follow. Our concept artists can create various styles and genres based on your needs and requirements.


Video games come alive because of the developer’s work. Talented programmers and storytellers, developers create the code that ensures the usability of your video game. From the UI/UX interface to the gameplay, developers bridge the gap between your imagination and the player’s experience with their programming skills.

Reap the Benefits of 3D Game Outsourcing with NarraSoft

There are thousands of games and media that use 3D animation to tell their story. If you want to set yourself apart, it’s through impeccable details and outstanding quality of work. From fluidity to liveliness, NarraSoft will help you create stunning 3D visuals when you outsource your 3D modeling with us.

Reap the following benefits when you outsource your 3D modeling needs with NarraSoft:

Expert Teams

Nothing beats a team of skilled and experienced artists and professionals on the field. Narrasoft offers a full team of artists, designers, developers, and project managers when you outsource 3D modeling for your game. Highly collaborative and detail-oriented, our team will deliver excellent 3D animation and models that fit your specific needs.

Industry-Standard Softwares

Narrasoft gives you access to premium industry-standard software that big brands worldwide use. Our team is equipped with the latest 3D modeling, sculpting, and animating software for your quality outsourcing needs.

Competitive Prices

Quality work need not be expensive. We offer competitive pricing rates that allow you to lower your operation costs when you avail our 3D modeling outsourcing services. Skip the cost of hiring your own team and get superb quality at competitive prices with NarraSoft.

3D Artists Profile

NarraSoft's 3D artists are passionate about and well-trained in visual artistry, capable of rendering 3D assets using the following programs:

Adobe Photoshop
Maya Autodesk
Substance by Adobe
3DS Max
More Tools

Before recruiting our candidates for the 3D art department, we first screen their portfolio, making sure the quality of their work is excellent, and their range diverse. Our 3D artists can create any type of asset: characters, environment, weapons, and the like, all of which can be designed for AAA, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) games. Some of our experience include optimizing inorganic objects for an AR website and doing character work for a VR game.

Aside from our artists’ great capacity to render different types of 3D art output, you can also expect us to adapt well to your industry. We have produced 3D art for companies in the toys and collectibles industry, as well as for those in the video gaming industry. Owing to our experience in producing 3D art for multiple companies across industries, we can also provide you with insight into the best 3D art type and approach for your company’s project and objectives.

The Innovative 3D Animation
Outsourcing Company

NarraSoft is a 3D animation outsourcing company, producing outstanding 3D digital art for over 10 years. Our experienced team of 3D riggers, animators, and artists have created amazing designs for various industries, including video game brand, toy and collectible companies, and the entertainment industry.

We’ve created different 3D art for a number of purposes. Whether your business is looking to outsource 3D modeling and sculpting for still images, for 3D printing or manufacturing, or are looking for animations to explain how your product works to your clients, we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D art, also known as “three-dimensional” art, refers to art that uses height, width, and length. It appears to have more depth than 2D art and seems to occupy physical space. The presence of depth is much noticeable in animation, particularly in video games and even feature films.

3D modeling is used in a variety of projects, including sculptures, toys, video games, and even interior design. There is no shortage of use for 3D models these days, which is why having an experienced team is crucial to maximize the potential of your project.

Yes! 3D modeling, game art, and animation can be quite complicated. If you do not have an experienced professional in your team, outsourcing is a good option as it helps you speed up the production process while ensuring the quality of work.

The production of 3D models takes some time, but ultimately it depends on the complexity of the project. Some may take only one week, while others can take up to months! Contact Narrasoft today so we can begin discussing the specifics of your 3D project.

Here to Help Your 3D Modeling Outsourcing Needs

NarraSoft offers world-class 3D modeling and sculpting art for your business needs. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve handled digital art for various industries and understand the different art needs of most businesses.

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