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What are Augmented Reality Video Games?

Today, the term “augmented reality” gets thrown around a lot. It got a lot of attention back in 2016, when the game Pokémon GO made it possible for players to interact with Pokémon anchored to the real-world environment via a smartphone screen.

Since then, AR gaming has become increasingly popular. In 2017, Apple introduced its ARKit platform, which builds unparalleled AR experiences for iOS and iPadOS users. There’s also the much-awaited Apple AR glasses, which will let users enjoy AR experiences without looking down at their phones.

AR is becoming a part of everyday life and it’s only inevitable that augmented reality video games will further rise in popularity. Augmented reality art development is also becoming a thriving industry, with game companies jumping in on the trend-soon-to-be-staple. If you’re still wondering what an augmented reality game is, let’s explore what an AR game is in this article.

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What is AR in Gaming?

Before delving into the complexities of AR gaming, let’s first discuss the definition of augmented reality.

Augmented reality is exactly what it sounds like: reality, enhanced with interactive digital components. Today, the most commonly used applications for AR rely on smartphones to showcase the digitally augmented real-world environment. Users open their smartphone’s camera, view the world around them on the screen, and then use an AR application to enhance the real world via various digital overlays:

  • Changing colors
  • Superimposing 3D models, images, and other pieces of digital information
  • Inserting labels
  • Altering the user’s appearance or their surroundings via Instagram or Snapchat filters

You’ve probably already had your fair share of encounters with both augmented reality technology and AR gaming. If you’ve used Instagram, Messenger, or Snapchat, you’re already well-acquainted with AR. Ever scanned QR codes that lead you to external sites? That’s how AR works too.

So, what does AR mean in games?

Pokémon GO wasn’t the first, and definitely will not be the last augmented reality game.  Since 2016, augmented reality video games seek to warp the players’ perceptions of reality through a combination of imagery, storytelling, and the latest hardware. For instance, companies such as Sony and Microsoft have created new opportunities for immersive AR gaming experiences where players can maximize the capabilities of motion controls and headsets.

In many augmented reality video games, the user’s GPS is typically used to create a more realistic and immersive approach to gaming, allowing for a seamless transition between technological environments and the real world.

Image credits to Canva

VR vs. AR in Gaming

Both AR and VR have exciting potential in the future of gaming. Both technologies bring enriching experiences, which is why it can be easy to mix up the two.

In an earlier article, we discussed the differences and similarities of AR vs VR. You can check it out for an in-depth comparison but we’ll also break it down in this section.

In a nutshell, VR and AR gaming differ because they accomplish different things in different ways. VR completely replaces reality, taking the user somewhere else, often by creating completely immersive virtual environments. On the other hand, AR adds to reality, projecting information on top of what the user already sees.

While VR games are more immersive, AR gaming offers more freedom for the user. VR games also need technology such as headsets while AR gaming doesn’t need to be carried out with a head-mounted display.

How Augmented Reality Video Games Bring Revolutionary Changes in the Gaming World

AR is nearing the mark of sophistication to engage gamers worldwide and take gaming to the next level. It has introduced an innovation that offers users with a smooth and engrossing experience.

In this section, find out how AR is redefining the gaming industry with its revolutionary actions.

  • The 3D revival. The concept of 3D films is not at all new. However, 3D films involve high costing, which were not at all friendly to the films’ production budget.

With the rise of augmented reality video games, more people can enjoy the immersive, real-life experiences brought by 3D graphics. 3D effects as the backbone of the games, providing players with enthralling and engaging gameplay.

  • Enhances the appeal of games. One of the active uses of AR in the gaming industry is making the games more appealing. As augmented reality games provide a realistic and immersive experience, game development outsourcing companies make use of AR to help users explore more into the gaming world. Moreover, AR gaming consoles come with better responses to accelerate user’s reactions and reduce hardware delay.

AR in game development also utilizes geolocation and 3D tracking to bring more innovation and creativity to the games. It changes how users view games through animated 3D content, offering games with higher potential than conventional technology.

  • Replaces conventional game systems. AR gaming is known to be a literal game-changer, opening endless possibilities of gaming. It’s steadily changing conventional gaming systems from the likes of Nintendo and PlayStation, offering an outstanding and more realistic experience which garners the interest of gamers worldwide.

Currently, AR gaming is only widely available on smartphones but it won’t be long before a consumer AR headset is released. With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more users are going to experience the marriage between virtual environments and the real world.

Create Augmented Reality Video Games with NarraSoft

The world of augmented reality is coming to life at a rapid pace. More and more gaming companies and players all over the world are adapting to the changes, and it won’t be long before AR gaming becomes the norm and no longer a novelty.

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