11 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services (And Why They Go Way Beyond Cost Reduction)

When you think about the benefits of outsourcing data entry services, it isn’t easy to come up with something other than reduced spending.

Sure, lower costs are a guaranteed advantage, but what else will outsourcing data entry services do for your business? The truth is you gain many benefits when you outsource data entry services. And we’re here to tackle eleven of them.

11 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services 

Increased job satisfaction within your company

Data entry work can leave employees feeling increasingly stressed and dissatisfied by the day. 

Not only is data entry mechanical, which can leave anyone feeling unfulfilled without proper training and support, but it also has physical consequences on your employees’ health. 

A study on the health complaints of 79 data entry clerks showed negative feedback concerning the workers’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Most of them link their stress with their job. 

It could be a different story today, however. Many companies have systems enabling them to take better care of their data entry specialists.

But if you’re not in the business of data entry work, this sounds like too much energy for something that isn’t your core competency. 

This is where outsourcing companies step in and help out other businesses in need of big data but do not directly profit from it. Your workers won’t be slumped with extra work on top of their principal duties. 

An outsourced team of data entry specialists means your people can focus on their jobs with significantly less stress, contributing to a healthier and happier work environment.

Reduced spending

Outsourcing offers the primary benefit of quality work that won’t break the bank. And outsourcing data entry services is no different. 

But how exactly does it help your business save money? Here are several potential data entry expenses you can automatically cross out through outsourcing: 

  • Recruitment costs, including subscriptions on job-hiring platforms like LinkedIn and a recruitment team
  • Training programs
  • Government-mandated benefits
  • In-house software for efficient data entry management
  • Devices necessary for an in-house employee to perform their tasks

Your outsourcing partner will shoulder these, ensuring the money you invest in them is well-spent and within budget. This becomes more evident when you opt for offshore outsourcing companies.

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No training required

As mentioned in this list of benefits of outsourcing data entry work, your company won’t have to train specialists.

This is one of the perks of having an outsourcing company by your side. There are two reasons why this is the case. One, your outsourcing partner equips your data entry specialists with all the training they require. And second, your outsourcing partner is an expert at vetting top-notch talent.

Of course, you may still supply extra training should you feel inclined. But expect an outsourcing company’s people to be knowledgeable in the basics of data entry way before you hire them.

Qualified data entry candidates and a reliable management team

Scouting for good candidates doesn’t have to be hard. And having a trustworthy team to manage them can be just as easy.

Outsourcing data entry services — and outsourcing in general — offers both. By design, outsourcing ensures companies seeking to get non-core work done are given highly experienced talent and, in the process, a management team that can guarantee seamless data entry processes. Without much effort, you can partner with your dream data entry team.

So again, through outsourcing, having qualified data entry candidates and a reliable management team isn’t difficult. It’s just a matter of connecting with your desired outsourcing company.

Well-established turnaround times

The amount of data managed by businesses in different industries — whether that’s eCommerce, IT, or gaming — grows every day. And your business is likely to be one of them.

Without professional data entry specialists, your company will drown in data. But outsourcing data entry services can help you befriend big data, giving you the extra benefits of having an additional team of managers who can help set realistic targets for the data entry work you need to have done. This ensures your agreement follows through, preventing delays and potential setbacks.

Plus, if your outsourcing partner promises 24/7 availability, they’ll adjust the project’s time frame to align with your working hours.

Greater alertness in your company

We’ve established how data entry tends to be a tedious task. 

In the wrong hands, your data may become riddled with errors, giving your company a difficult time bouncing back from this setback. So what you need is a model that ensures your data is secure, accurate, and with the right people whose core competency is data entry tasks. 

Through outsourcing, accomplishing these becomes a no-brainer and is precisely how data entry keeps your company alert

Easily add team members, minus the recruitment process

Because your outsourcing partner is in charge of talent scouting, the grueling work of recruiting data entry specialists falls out of your hands and into theirs. 

However, other people managing recruitment isn’t the only reason outsourcing makes your workforce scalable. It’s also because outsourcing companies already have an excellent talent pool. With them are people they’ve trained and screened beforehand so you can easily add them to your team, allowing you to address the fluctuating demands of data entry work.

Proven data entry systems

If your company is a startup that’s not ready to automate documents or one where data automation is impossible, partnering with an experienced data outsourcing company is a must.

According to one of our BPO leads, businesses under either category are more likely to outsource data entry work. This trend in our data entry clientele shows how much they rely on experienced outsourcing companies like NarraSoft. They need our systematized processes to ensure their data is managed with care.

This comes as no surprise, considering how companies offering data entry services have had years of experience rendering this type of work. Any good outsourcing company will tell you it has a foolproof system that prevents data entry errors and minimizes risks for its clients.

Improved productivity

With data entry specialists on your team, you instantly improve your company’s productivity because of the amount of data you’re able to process in a day.

As we said in an earlier blog post, data can make or break your company. It boils down to how you use, process, and manage it. The job of a data entry specialist is to classify and input data in the correct categories, making sure the information is as accurate as possible.

Their job is — essentially— to take the administrative, repetitive work of inputting and organizing data away from you. They want you to give your time and attention to big-picture tasks.

Plus, by outsourcing data entry services to an ideal country like the Philippines, you reap the benefits of increased productivity in a remote work setup by having an on-call team any time of the day.

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Knowledge of professional data entry tools & technologies

Clients usually have particular data entry software and tools they want third-party providers to use.

For example, at NarraSoft, our clientele has required we perform data entry work on platforms like Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Xero in the past. Some of our clients have also asked us to get acquainted with their proprietary portals. Because of this regular request, our data entry team has learned the ins and outs of different data entry software over time and can now quickly adapt to the requirements of the companies that need our help.

Significant focus on your core business

Your business has great potential to make a lasting impact in your industry.

But this potential will remain at rest unless you go all out on your core competency. That means investing your efforts, time, and resources into that which you set out your business to do.

This is one of the biggest reasons why outsourcing exists. Its impact on businesses across industries is substantial.

Just look at the impact of outsourcing on the software industry. Many of our clients come from IT, and at the core of what they need when they come to us for outsourced work, such as data entry, is time. They want time to focus on what their business does and leave the non-core necessary work to other experts. 

In the long run, they become more productive, efficient, and growth-oriented as a company, making the returns they receive from outsourcing expand exponentially.

In Summary

The benefits of outsourcing data entry services are:

  1. Increased job satisfaction in your company
  2. Reduced spending
  3. No training required for data entry specialists
  4. Qualified candidates and a management team you can rely on
  5. Stable turnaround times
  6. Greater alertness in your company
  7. Scalable data entry talent
  8. Outsourced partner’s proven data entry systems
  9. Improved productivity
  10. Knowledge of data entry software
  11. Focus on your core business

Do these benefits sound good to you? Then you’re in luck because partnering with NarraSoft’s data entry team will give you all these and so much more.

To partner with us or for a free consultation, don’t hesitate to message our chat box or contact form or send an email to sales@narrasoft.com. Together, we can make something great.