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The Top Benefits of 24/7 Online Live Chat for Customer Service

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Here’s an interesting fact. Among the various types of customer engagement channels, online live chat scores the highest in terms of customer satisfaction.

According to Comm100’s research, as noted by customer-relationship management (CRM) software company SuperOffice, 82% of users who engage with a company’s live chat function tend to have a more positive impression of (and experience with) the company. After live chat support is email support, which has a satisfaction rate of 61%.

In another statistic, helpdesk platform Kayako says 52% of customers out of the 400 in their report tend to be loyal to a brand offering live chat support. Additionally, eMarketer reported in a 2009 study, the researchers found 63% of its participants were likely to return to a website with live chat, and 62% said they were likely to make a purchase.

Why is that? Why does the trend always tend toward the majority every time questions about live chat preferences are called into question? 

Here’s another interesting — but obvious — fact. Your customers hate waiting. And you as a customer yourself probably dislike the idea of having to wait, too. The results of a Forrester study conducted in 2015 showed 53% of US customers “are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.” 

Companies need to respond to their prospective and existing customers quickly. With so many CRM software and communication channels available to you and your audience today, timeliness has become a core expectation for brands across the board. And one of the best ways to show your brand is committed to speedily engaging with its customers is by making use of the invaluable resource that is online live chat.

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What Is Online Live Chat?

Online live chat is essentially chat support with a special emphasis on timeliness. In a previous blog post, we said chat support is a customer engagement tool wherein a customer and an agent communicate to address the former’s concerns. These concerns are related to the brand the agent represents.

In online live chat, the conversation between a customer and the brand agent is happening in real-time. And the expectation oftentimes is once a customer inquiries, an agent is immediately present to answer. What makes live chat so appealing to customers is the very timely manner in which their questions are answered. And while chat support is meant to serve your company’s prospective buyers, it serves your business in many ways as well.

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The Benefits of 24/7 Online Live Chat for Your Business

1. Increases customer satisfaction

When a prospective buyer uses your live chat, the return they receive is the speed and accuracy of your answers. When your brand answers with speed and accuracy, the return you receive is a happy prospective buyer who is more likely to make a purchase.

Live chat support significantly improves your relationship with your target audience and even your brand advocates. With live chat, a two-way street for real-time communication is established between you and the most important person in your business — your customer.

2. Increases the likelihood of conversion

If someone expresses interest in your brand by asking questions about your product or service, you’re actually very close to convincing this person to buy. This interested person is usually called a lead. And what you must do is convince your leads to make the decision to buy and take action. 

With live chat, this makes things so much easier. You get to engage with the leads first-hand and address their pain points, showing them how your brand can swoop in and save their day. Plus, with live chat, you will be able to track your company’s leads better! 

3. Lets you gather feedback and pain points

If your company has live chat, you will be able to collect enough data about your target audience’s needs. This is very important because you can make more informed business decisions based on your prospective buyers’ and existing users’ feedback. 

You can see the parts of your product or service that need improving and the parts with which your customers are most satisfied. Ultimately, your business aims to serve your target audience, so let them engage with you in real-time and listen to what they have to say through live chat.

4. Allows for flexible communication

With the implementation of live chat comes a much wider reach. If you install live chat on, say, your website, you can reach your target audience on multiple devices, giving them access to your brand 24/7. Whether they’re on their phones, laptops, or tablets, your live chat widget will be visible and accessible to them. And with a team of live chat specialists, you won’t miss an opportunity to communicate with the people that matter most to your business.  

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Some of the Best Practices to Get All the Benefits of Online Live Chat for Your Business

Always spot opportunities

Spotting opportunities simply means having the foresight to go beyond the inquirer’s questions when the occasion arises. It could be suggesting further steps to take to fix the customer’s problem. Or it could be recommending another solution your company offers — as long as it genuinely helps them. For the second one, the key is to suggest and not to impose.

Consistently use your company’s brand voice

Your company’s brand voice shows your company’s personality. If your company represents the value you offer your target customers, your brand — alongside its voice — represents its human aspect with whom your customers are conducting business. There are several opportunities you can use your brand voice in live chat, and the benefits of doing so are astounding! According to customer-service writer Leslie O’Flahavan, the best times to maximize your brand voice are in the following scenarios.

  • Greeting and closing your customer
  • Apologizing to them
  • Offering help to them
  • Receiving and accepting thanks
  • Showing you understand them
  • Using emojis when necessary

Learn more about the top practices in online live chat support in our blog post What Are Chat and Email Support & What Are Their Best Practices?

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Why Outsourcing Online Live Chat Gives You the Most Benefits

Having a live chat support team will do your business wonders, especially now that a pandemic has disabled face-to-face activities. Now more than ever, your customers must be able to access and speak with your brand in the digital space. It’s vital to your company’s survival. And you will need a solid live chat support team to fully reap the benefits of this customer engagement tool. Also, you will need to build this team fast.

But building your live chat team from scratch will clearly take some time if you don’t already have one. You need to recruit people and screen them to make sure they’re the right candidates for the job. You will also need to set up live chat tools, such as a CRM system. While some companies are okay with the idea of doing this, other companies want to focus on productivity and nurturing their core business. And so they choose to outsource.

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By outsourcing professional and dedicated live chat support specialists, you get to have a readily available team. The top benefits you gain from outsourcing live chat support include:

  • Live chat support specialists vetted by your outsourcing partner and who can adapt to your brand voice
  • Live chat support software, tools, and CRM system
  • Managers to oversee live chat support specialists
  • Lower rates and a high ROI
  • Growth for your company because you can focus on your core functions

In Summary

Live chat is essential to a company’s survival. This customer engagement tool directly communicates with your prospective buyers. Studies show that:

  • 82% of users who engage with a company’s live chat function tend to have a more positive impression of the company.
  • 52% of customers tend to be loyal to a brand offering live chat support.
  • 63% of customers are likely to return to a website with live chat. 
  • 62% of returning customers from a website with live chat are likely to make a purchase.
  • 53% of US customers tend to abandon online purchases without immediately having the answer to their question

Given these numbers, you can see how live chat reaps more benefits than disadvantages, if any. The top 4 benefits of having a 24/7 online live chat for your customers are:

  1. Increased customer satisfaction
  2. Increased likelihood of conversion
  3. Invaluable feedback
  4. Flexible communication

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