One of the most interesting departments at NarraSoft has got to be the digital art group.  As you weave in between the various cubicles, you are always treated to glimpses of superheroes, creatures, and various celebrities in mid-creation.  NarraSoft has been working in the 2D and 3D digital art world for ten years.  We also have an experienced team of 2D and 3D riggers and animators.

We serve a number of industries including many video game brands and toy/collectible companies.  We also create animated explainer videos for companies interested in ‘explaining’ their products or services to potential customers through a very effective and engaging medium.  An example of a highly effective use of explainer videos are the medical explainer videos we create for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  Animated explainer videos are ideal to articulate to lay people how drugs effect the human body and how medical devices are used during surgical procedures.

Our 3D and 2D artists and our animators are all very experienced and have worked with most of the large well-known entertainment brands.  And so, their attention to detail and quality is something our customers appreciate.

Please  contact us to learn more about our very competitive pricing and the way our process works.  We can schedule a call to discuss your digital art needs in greater detail.

If you would like to learn more about our growing digital art department, please contact us at or call +1 (919) 649-0676.

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