Healthcare & Medical Industry

As technology advances, so does the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceuticals industry. 

A wide variety of medical devices and software is becoming increasingly available, aiding medical professionals in the performance of their duties. 

However, with these advancements in place, what results is a growing need for an experienced group of people who will assist medical professionals in handling administrative business processes, especially if these processes are heavily reliant on technology. 

Technology Issues in the Medical Field

Medical workers deal with pressing challenges every day. This means they lack the time and energy to perform tasks outside of their expertise. And these tasks are often clerical in nature. 

Reviewing medical records, investing in training medical staff to operate medical devices, and ensuring the speediness of technology-mediated data processing become a hindrance to the work they were trained to do. While technology does make hospitals and clinics work more efficiently, the same cannot be said if the task of treating patients is coupled with learning how to master new hardware and software. 

Additionally, understanding how health procedures, new medical technologies, and newly-developed medicines work is crucial for consumers who will be benefiting from these advancements. Through marketing and explainer videos, medical brands will be able to simplify the concept of their new products, effectively attracting their target audience. But again, this is not the kind of work for health and medical professionals.

Outsourcing medical records reviewing, producing explainer videos, and technology-based learning could be your answer.

Medical records reviewing, producing medical explainer videos, and creating or operating new software are tasks that do not fall within the purview of medical professionals’ responsibilities. They are non-essential activities that are better handled if delegated to other professionals specializing in clerical and technical work. 

When you outsource this function to an experienced firm, doctors can perform their work better, medical professionals can conduct research with ease, and the medical institution’s costs are cut down significantly, all while maximizing the benefits of technology.

NarraSoft is committed to providing you a secure and accurate medical records reviewing process.

You landed on the right place if you’re looking to have:

✓ Your employees’, students’, or patients’ medical records accurately assessed. 

✓ Your medical data protected.

✓ Your medical business processes run smoothly. 

When you outsource to NarraSoft for medical records reviewing, you can expect a stable, secure, and accurate data reviewing process. With our experience in medical records reviewing, your company can count on prompt and systematic communication with us as we strive to have your needs met daily. 

Our experience in this service includes managing a large quantity of medical records for clinics and schools, where an organized tracking system is needed for its students’ health records. If you are an educational establishment, corporation, or hospital that requires your staff’s or students’ medical records to be regularly evaluated, our experience in the field can give you just the kind of medical records reviewing your company needs.

We are meticulous in ensuring the data you entrust to us remains protected. Our team strictly adheres to the standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and data privacy laws, always making it a point to undergo training when it comes to matters of data security.

You Can Rely on Licensed Nurses to Evaluate Your Medical Data

Outsourcing to NarraSoft is outsourcing to a group of trained specialists. Our medical records reviewing team comprises licensed nurses who can understand and assess medical records, whether for purposes of setting an appointment with a doctor, determining a person’s health insurance coverage, or evaluating the health records of a student body prior to enrollment. Our team of nurses have also been trained in HIPAA and data privacy laws, and should you have any other regulatory concerns or specifications, our nurses can adapt to whatever your medical records reviewing requirements may be. 

Outsourcing to NarraSoft means enlisting the best team at a competitive cost. Because we are a Philippine-based outsourcing firm, we can provide you with as many trained medical workers as you need. There is a high percentage of licensed nurses in the country, and the majority of these nurses enter the BPO industry. At NarraSoft, our licensed nurses’ medical knowledge will guarantee the achievement of your institution’s data-driven goals.

Get people to understand your medical product through animated explainer videos.

By outsourcing to NarraSoft, you can have high-quality animated explainer videos made, which can make a definitive impact on how your target market perceives your medical product. Explainer videos will be visually appealing to your audience, helping them understand how your product works, how to use it, and why it will benefit them.

You can have medical explainer videos created for purposes of product promotion or training, and you can even have your explainer videos translated into different languages. Our team of animators and video editors can put together all the necessary 2D and 3D assets for your video and animate them. We use a variety of tools, specifically Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Cinema 4D for video editing. 

Cinema 4D is a highly sought-after software for editing video explainers tackling healthcare, medical, or pharmaceuticals because its built-in animation is perfect for the industry. Coupled with our team’s video-editing expertise, you can get a medical video explainer that will impart your product or service’s core message smoothly and, at the same time, attract your target audience.

For 3D asset creation and animation, we use AutoDesk Maya, AutoDesk 3DS Max, and Cinema 4D. As for 2D asset creation and animation, we use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate.

Here is what our animated video editing process looks like:

Step 1: Asset Creation

Using your storyboard, we will create the 2D or 3D assets needed for your explainer video. Should you wish to collaborate with us on storyboard-making, scriptwriting, or voice-overs, simply let us know! Our team is composed of creative and flexible people who can guide you through the concept-building process.

Step 2: Video Editing 

Whether animation or live footage, we can edit your medical explainer videos efficiently and with a trained eye for detail.

Step 3: Localization 

We can translate your explainer videos into any language you desire. Depending on your video’s needs, we can also add translated subtitles into the final piece or give you a transcript of the translations.

Step 4: Rendering

Your video is complete and ready to use.

Spend Efficiently On Medical Training With Virtual Reality

Train your staff using virtual reality. At NarraSoft, we have the capacity to give you VR-based training modules so you can make the learning process of your employees much more memorable without spending a ton on materials you may be using only once. 

The assets you will gain from outsourcing to NarraSoft’s advanced team of 2D and 3D artists and animators are of superior quality in terms of functionality and design. Plus, you can reuse these assets for an unlimited number of times, which means you won’t be spending on training for as long as you have the modules designed by our team.

We can help you increase the sales of your medical product.

In the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceuticals industry, where certainty is of utmost importance, it is essential to have a trusted medical or pharmaceutical company endorse your product. This is why one of our goals as an outsourcing company working with healthcare, medical, and pharmaceuticals companies is to bring our clients’ work to the attention of big-name medical establishments.

By outsourcing to NarraSoft, you can have a competent team of telemarketers pitching your product or service to the best companies in the industry. We can help you elevate your work — whether you’re a medical equipment provider or a manufacturer of medicine and other medical substances — to a level of widespread recognition by cold-calling established pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals.

Your health establishment can have the kind of user-friendly software that will expedite medical and business processes.

NarraSoft has been in the business of software creation for nearly ten years. Our expert software programmers can code a variety of programs, including those which enable health professionals to properly evaluate patients, efficiently store electronic health records, and assist workers in all the aspects of their duties. Our client base includes pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

Expect Dedicated Collaboration with Our Team and Excellent Delivery of Your Software

24/7 Availability

We can service you at any time as our team of software developers are working round-the-clock. Regardless of where you are in the world, you rely on NarraSoft to deliver timely results.  

Effortless Communication

You can also expect easy communication between you and our team of expert developers who are proficient in the English and Filipino languages. This can significantly improve the process of creating your software because compatible communication allows for a speedy exchange of ideas. Technical language can be understood quickly, and your demands can be met without any communication barriers. 

A Sense of Community

Through our culture of collaboration, you can expect to have your software enhanced by the diverse knowledge of our developers and the culture and spirit of collaboration shared among team members. We also make sure our developers are  regularly trained so they are up to speed with the trends in software development.

Data security, animated explainer videos, and more: Your healthcare, medical, and pharmaceuticals processes can be made easier by outsourcing a competent team with specialized knowledge. If you’re looking for a team to outsource, one with training and experience in the field of healthcare, medical, and pharmaceuticals, then NarraSoft is the right fit for you. Interested in partnering with us? Send us a message at or fill out the form below. We cannot wait to hear from you!