How Long Does It Take to Edit a Video & What is the Video Editing Process Like?

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Delaying video editing work is like delaying exercise.

The longer you postpone it, the less motivated you become. But unlike exercise, editing a video is not a matter of toughening up and expecting it to be over in 30 minutes or so. No, because the more you delay editing a video, the more prolonged your stress will be.

But here’s something you can take solace in — editing a short video shouldn’t take up more than half your workday. In fact, you can cut down the time it takes even more, depending on your experience and the complexity of the output.

But what’s the point of acquiring this skill? And more importantly, what’s the point of editing videos quickly? 

Believe it or not, video editing has always been a necessary skill, regardless of your industry. You see marketing agencies, learning sites, and — of course — YouTubers churning out refined content regularly. In the process, these sites generate revenue directly or indirectly through their shareable video content.

Being able to keep up with the demands of video production will do wonders for your brand. So the question now is, how much of your time will it actually take? 

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How Long Does It Take to Edit A Video?

To determine how long it takes to edit a video, you need to be mindful of several variables. Some of the things you should take into account are the footage quality, audio quality, other software needed, and the video’s complexity.

Let’s pare it down. Instead of viewing video editing at an enormous scale, we can simplify the task by looking at how long it would take to edit a 5-minute video.

According to NarraSoft’s video editors, the time it takes to edit a 5-minute video varies and greatly depends on the tasks an editor must also do outside video editing. 

For simple output, which often comprises simply trimming and syncing audio, an editor takes between one and two hours to edit and clean a 5-minute video fully.

However, a 5-minute video with more complex needs can average between three and five days. Of course, complex video editing demands more work aside from trimming and cutting. 

If we have to piece together a full video from scratch, there are concept-heavy tasks we need to accomplish first. These include determining the direction of the piece, integrating the brand’s voice into it, and making sure we convey the message our clients want to bring home to their audience.

Apart from this, NarraSoft’s video editors say the work required for complex videos may involve:

  • Finding the right assets, such as sound effects, visual effects, and additional images
  • Using a suite of other programs, such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop
  • Targeting client-specific requests

But what exactly does editing a video look like? What exactly do editors do before and during the time they trim, cut, add visual effects, and render the final product? Here’s a brief look into the world of our editors.

The Video Editing Process, According to NarraSoft’s Editors

Like any process involving creative work, video editing tends to be different from editor to editor. But there are common threads and patterns among creatives. So we asked our video editors what they do before and during editing a video to find out what they are.

What they do in common before editing videos is make sure they are mentally and logistically prepared for the work. They take note of the technical requirements and go through the client’s requests before starting.

One of them tends to be particular about the additional programs needed and would go through the specific video settings as they begin editing. Another tends to take walks before hunkering down to prepare for the work before them. 

In a team setting, they have trackers in place to stay up to date with the workload or to check whether the client has new action items.

During editing, our editors download the correct and updated files provided by the clients. Then, depending on what the clips need, our editors either directly upload them to the video editing program or adjust the footage on different editing applications. 

One of our editors usually starts by cleaning the audio, cutting out dead air, and removing unnecessary noises in the background. Another stresses the importance of regularly checking the tracker. This will prevent possible miscommunication and avoidable revisions from arising.

One of our editors also said not to rush things, even if the project is on a tight deadline. Refraining from hurriedly editing a video allows professionals to carefully convey a cleaner and more thoughtful output in the long run. Isn’t this the main goal of content creators?

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Don’t Have Time for Video Editing? Read This

Like all skills, video editing requires practice. Without the rigor of habitual work, a new editor will inevitably take more time to edit a short clip. This fact becomes all the more true for those with zero background in video editing but still need shareable, eye-catching content for their business.

Moreover, to truly engage your audience, you can’t simply upload content regularly. Video quality is a determining factor that influences your target audience’s impression of your brand.

But let’s say you barely have any time to invest in this skill set yet need videos for your business ASAP. What you need are professional video editors

Where to Find Professional Video Editors to Reduce the Time It Takes to Edit Your Videos

You have two options to bring professional editors into your team. Either you hire them in-house or find an outsourcing company that renders this service. 

As with anything, each approach will have its pros and cons. Hiring in-house tends to be more costly and time-consuming, but you get to work directly with the talent.

On the other hand, outsourcing is way more cost-friendly, and you instantly have a video editing team the moment you find the right partner for you. But the problem several companies have with this setup is a substantial loss of control over the talent. 

This can be true for several outsourcers. However, there are companies you can work with on a partnership basis as opposed to a seemingly disconnected third-party provider.

At NarraSoft, we treat our clients’ business as though it were ours. What this means is we place emphasis on collaboration, giving our value-adding insights and output instead of passively doing our job.

The same goes for our video editors, who have had at least four years of experience under their belt. Throughout their career, they’ve developed systems to support the demands of their work and sustain a steady workflow. 

Because we collaborate with our clients on a partnership basis,  what we’re actually doing for them is augmenting their team. They’re not delegating important tasks to a complete stranger.

Our team believes in being hands-on with our client’s goals, which has won us the trust of previous clients coming from all ranges. 

In Summary

To edit a 5-minute video, it generally takes around:

  • 1-2 hours (for simple videos) or
  • 3-5 days (for more complex videos, which includes sound effects, visual effects, and other complex processes)

Before editing, the NarraSoft team of video editors prepares themselves mentally and logistically before working.

During editing, they ensure everything piece of the video is primed for editing, regularly checking the needs of the client to minimize rework.

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