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Contracting with NarraSoft opens you to two options of outsourcing models: Dedicated Team Staffing and Project-Based Work. Want to know which works better for your business?

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Dedicated Team Staffing or
Project Based Work?

In Dedicated Team Staffing, you get to collaborate with a full-time team specializing in areas necessary for the completion of your project.
So if you’re developing the art of a game, you get full-time artists who can design 3D or 2D assets. If you wish to have software built, you get full-time
developers who can code in your preferred language. Choosing the Dedicated Team Staffing model, you will consistently work with an exclusive group of
people for the period required to complete your project. The team designated to your project will follow your preferred schedule and adapt to your process, systems, tools, and even your company culture.

On the other hand, the Project-Based Work model is suitable for short-term, one-off projects. Depending on the project overview you will provide NarraSoft and the accompanying requirements needed for its execution, we will lay out a profile of talented and professional staff, the terms, and quotation for you. With the Project-Based Work model, the staff you will outsource to NarraSoft is shared talent.

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Proposal vs. Quotation

In a proposal, we detail the type of team designed to work with you, the schedule of the team, the infrastructure to be used, and the overall cost of the work.

In a quotation, we specify the work that will go into the project an the total number of hours and the total cost it would require for its execution.

Stage 1:
Walk us through your vision.

A meeting of the minds is essential for a project of collaborative nature. At the beginning of each model, a discussion will take place so we can arrive at a clear picture of what you wish to achieve by partnering with us.

Once we come to an understanding of the project, we will provide you with either a proposal (if you choose the Dedicated Team Staffing model) or a quotation (if you choose the Project-Based Work model).

Stage 2:
Describe the right team profile.

Because Dedicated Team Staffing is a staff-oriented model, the people we will enlist to accomplish your project should be compatible with you in all respects.

In this stage, you can provide us with a job requisition stating the qualities and expertise you expect to find in the team we are scouting for you. Should you need help with determining the right qualities and expertise, we can collaborate with you in creating your ideal team profile.

Once we have a clear grasp of your ideal team, we begin the recruitment phase by gathering the best talent and examining them until we narrow down to a group that perfectly matches your ideal team profile.

Stage 3:
Assess whether the team
suits your needs.

If you opt for the Dedicated Team Staffing model, you acquire the opportunity to vet the people behind the work through interviews. This is primarily helpful for long-term projects because synergy creates a harmonious work environment for you and the team, hence facilitating the completion of the project.

Stage 4:
Time to execute the work!

This is the stage where the magic begins. NarraSoft has worked with multiple companies based in Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, and European countries. Because our main priority is you, the client, we can adjust to your schedule no matter where you’re from. And because our team is proficient in English, previous clients have found communicating with us effortless.

Stage 5:
We make sure the work is of exceptional quality.

Lastly, we do quality assurance tests on the final product or, if the task is service-oriented, consistently check the quality of the service. We strive to give our clients only the best work, and we ensure their time with us is spent well by being thorough with the work we do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will the NarraSoft team be integrated into the project?

This varies from client to client; however, you can expect our team’s seamless integration into your project. If there is a need to train our staff in specific areas, we will happily invest in training them. We also appreciate feedback from our clients, which is why we set a regular schedule for calls and meetings.

Who provides the training?

For product-specific training, our staff can be trained by our client. For skills-related training, NarraSoft will supply the learning of the team. Through the years, we have built an accessible library of training modules, which we update monthly. NarraSoft also highly encourages its people to be communal with their knowledge. This is why we have monthly skills-focused training sessions in each department, spearheaded by an expert in the field.

How do we know we’re getting a strong and qualified candidate?

Through multiple screenings, we are able to gauge a person’s skills and qualities, and aptly match them to a client. During the recruitment stage, we provide a general skills test to see if a candidate is qualified. But you, as our client, can be the one to issue the test a candidate will take.

If the test is passed, we will conduct an initial technical interview with the candidate. If the candidate passes the initial interview, we will endorse them to you. And if you’re happy with the candidate, we will start working on the project.

If the current project ends and a new one begins months later, can we get the same candidate?

In the event that the talent you previously collaborated with becomes unavailable, we can assign an equally skilled team member to your project. Don’t worry! We make sure every member of our staff adheres to a high level of standard. Plus, with the knowledge-sharing culture in our company, transitioning to a different talent will be the least of your worries.

If you really wish to have a specific member working on your project, Dedicated Team Staffing could be the right model for you.

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