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What Are the Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services a Business Needs?

The work a virtual assistant does is necessary to anyone running a company, so it’s no surprise this type of support is currently in-demand.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects over 320,000 jobs open for secretaries and administrative assistants yearly. That figure might not look like a lot. But consider the number of people starting businesses in the US alone and how many of these businesses need virtual assistants to keep operations afloat. 

A report in The New York Times says 4.3 million Americans signed paperwork last year to launch their business, citing data from the Census Bureau.

Let’s say out of these 4.3 million Americans, only a third of these translated to plans pushing through. That’s about 1.4 million businesses in need of the support a virtual assistant offers.

You might be thinking hiring a virtual or administrative assistant is a luxury available only to a few. But if you’re committed to growing your business, you’re going to need one soon.

Why Virtual Assistant Services Matter

First, let’s talk about why virtual assistants matter. For one, they keep your company organized and alert. With virtual assistant services, there’s no need for ad hoc teams. Every employee has a designated task, which leads to less organizational clutter and a more focused workforce.

Another excellent reason for having virtual assistants is just how much work you can accomplish with them on your team. The more people you have to take care of your business’s important non-core matters, the more smoothly your operations will be. As you will see later, there are multiple types of virtual assistants, each with their unique specializations.

But why do we insist on virtual assistants? Wouldn’t that be a cause for concern as they’re working remotely? 

Traditionally, business leaders want everyone to be physically present in the office so they could oversee employees’ work and performance. But times have adapted to remote work, and so has technology.

The necessity of implementing remote work, or at least a hybrid setup, in 2020 brought to light just how efficiently people can work despite being away from the office. It’s safe to say with all the accommodations and changes in tech, remote work isn’t going anywhere. Not in the foreseeable future, at least.

Here’s another great thing about welcoming remote or virtual assistant services — you reduce company expenses. If you’re a startup or small-to-medium enterprise and want to ensure you get quality work at a more affordable rate, hiring virtual assistants in ideal offshore outsourcing countries is the solution for you. 

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AI Virtual Assistants vs. Human Virtual Assistants

But everything is automated now, we can hear you say. What’s the point of hiring people when you can get an artificially intelligent program designed to do what you tell it to, like Siri? 

True, artificially intelligent (AI) virtual assistants can adjust your schedule, respond to messages, and even play specific Spotify tracks. 

But remember, virtual assistant services are not limited to these things. There are so many other tasks you simply cannot automate with AI — at least not today.

While AI virtual assistants are good for personal use, human virtual assistants are well-suited to business matters. So, why is this the case? What exactly can a human virtual assistant do that a machine can’t?

The Top In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services 

The scope of virtual assistant services isn’t limited to assisting only you, the business owner. Virtual assistants often have specific functions and specializations. Having only one virtual assistant doing all the work is disastrous for you and the VA in the long run. 

So let’s break down some of the most in-demand types of virtual assistant talent your business should start hunting for.

List of Important Virtual Assistant Services

Data Entry & Processing

With the amount of data your business has to process daily, you can’t help but think whether having a lot of it is a boon or a bane. However, having expert data processing specialists or assistants transforms diverse volumes of data into something your business can actually use.

This type of virtual assistant is particularly beneficial to businesses with platforms dealing with big data, such as eCommerce sites and subscription-based services.


Bookkeeping requires a specialist who can religiously maintain and update the records of a company’s daily transactions. These records will serve as the sort of raw data for your company’s financial reports. 

Easily, you can see why virtual assistants engaged in bookkeeping are in-demand. Without them, your company’s financial records — and in the long run, its finances — suffer.

Administrative Assistant Services

Administrative assistants are often interchanged with the umbrella term virtual assistants. But their main role is to support the entire office.

According to the job site Indeed, some of the tasks of an administrative assistant are to manage the company’s meetings calendar and handle correspondences. They’re similar to executive assistants, except executive assistants support upper management, Indeed notes.

Chat & Tech Support

Chat and tech support differ depending on the brand the agent is representing. But their goals are practically the same — both address a customer’s concerns on the spot. 

Customer support is vital to converting leads into sales, as well as keeping existing customers satisfied with your business. It’s a type of virtual assistant service requiring agents to have excellent communication skills or, when necessary, technical know-how.

Many might think it’s easy to replicate a human voice or tone with AI. However, only human chat support specialists can understand the nuances of a customer’s problem and address it accordingly.

Learn about the best practices for chat & email support in another blog post!

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Other In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services Catering to More Specific Niches

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance specialists often work in the field of tech. Many of them also work in manufacturing. It boils down to the kind of trade in which the company engages. 

But in both cases, a quality assurance professional’s main task is to see if the company’s product or service meets the standards. In other words, it has to be good and flawless. 

Examples of quality assurance work include testing a company’s website or its software applications for customer use, and proposing ways to better a product or service.

Research Assistant Services: We have this notion that research assistants are often found in the academe. But the truth is any data-heavy firm will need research assistants (as well as data entry and processing professionals, of course). 

Firms and companies engaged in marketing, analytics, tech, legal practice, healthcare, and more all need experts who gather and analyze data, turning new pieces of information into something the company can use.

In Summary

Some of the top in-demand virtual assistant services include:

  • Data entry & processing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Administrative assistant services
  • Chat & tech support
  • Quality assurance
  • Research assistant services

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