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3D Animator

Our ideal candidate will have 2+ years doing character animation, animation for games is a plus. Our Animator will be responsible for defining move sets for characters that are consistent with the personality of each character. The animator should be comfortable with incorporating motion capture data, but they should also present a portfolio that demonstrates strong keyframe animation skills.

Animations should properly demonstrate personality in poses, movement, attacks, reactions and fidgets. The portfolio should show weight appropriate reactions for animated hits and attacks. Creativity in designing character appropriate fidgets is a plus.

The ideal animator will have experience animating characters as well as cameras to provide cinematic presentation of a scene and its subjects. Experience with Maya animation is a requirement, and experience with Unity and Cinemachine is a big plus.

Rendering and effects experience is a plus.


  • Strong understanding of rigging, skinning, keyframe animation, blendshapes,
    motion capture and procedural animation
  • Working knowledge of Maya, Motion Builder, 3DSMAX, and/or other commercial 3D authoring packages

Duties & Resposibilities:

  • Deliver high quality animation with minimal to no supervision and feedback from client
  • Ability to work on small to complex assets within all projects
  • Deliver project deliverables earlier or on time
  • Takes the initiative to coach team members and validate work
  • Communicates well with the entire team and proactively gives solutions to issues
  • Proficient in Maya/3DSMax/Motion Builder

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