Types of Data Entry Work That Are in High Demand Across All Sectors

Data is a crucial resource for any business. Every company needs a way to store and retrieve massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Because of this, more and more people are using many types of data entry services, one of the most valuable and in-demand tasks in modern businesses.

Data entry is a job that has been around for a long time, despite its technical nature. Data entry jobs were scarce for a time, but with more businesses opting to hire outside help for this task, they are once again plentiful and in high demand. Before you start outsourcing data entry jobs, let’s talk about the different types of data entry jobs so you can figure out which one is best for you.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the process of adding or changing information in a computer system or database. It can be as simple as turning PDF content into an editable Word file or as complicated as medical transcription. Expert data entry operators with extensive knowledge and experience in data entry carry out this work.

Because most businesses that outsource data entry work are in the medical, financial, retail, legal, insurance, and media industries, data experts must also be familiar with the industries for which they will be entering data. Businesses often hire outside help with data entry so that their own staff can devote their time and energy to more important projects and increase output.

What are the Types of Data Entry?

There are two essential data entry types everyone must know: offline and online data entry. But as the need for data entry jobs grew, companies developed new services like micro jobs. Here are some of the data entry jobs that are currently in high demand.

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Manual or Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry means putting information from one source into another by hand. You’ll need to enter the information manually and save it somewhere else. For this kind of data entry, you should be comfortable with Excel or your company’s software. In addition, you’ll need to be able to type at least 40 to 50 words per minute.

Check out the different types of offline data entry services:

  • Plain Data Entry

    The process entails reading a PDF document and typing its contents into Word to make it editable. If you want to work with this type of data entry, it helps to have fast reading and writing speeds. Find out how quickly you can type by taking this test.
  • Typist

    Also called word processors, typists are responsible for slightly more technical work. As a typist, you’ll be responsible for typing out letters and making mailing labels, charts, and reports. This kind of data entry job typically comes with company-provided training.
  • Data Cleaning

    The job description for this type of data entry service typically involves providing a data specialist with a massive data set. To fulfill the role, the data specialist must omit specific data from the database. The data set may be provided in an Excel or Word document.
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Online Data Entry

Online data entry refers to any type of data entry where the source file is digital, or the data entry occurs on a website or online portal. This type of data entry can be performed entirely remotely via the internet. And because this work doesn’t have to be done in-house, most businesses now work with data entry outsourcing companies for online data entry services.

Here are the various types of online data entry jobs:

  • Online Form Filling

    As the name suggests, data specialists fill out online forms to complete the task. Filling out an online form can be time-consuming, as users may be required to enter a large amount of information. The person who enters the data may have to do their own research to fill in any gaps in the information they’re given.
  • Online Survey Answering

    Data entry of this nature is necessary whenever a business seeks customer opinion on a given service or product. With this kind of data entry service, the company will provide the data specialists with a survey-style online questionnaire. Then they must fill in the answers on those forms. It typically takes around 5 to 20 minutes to complete one questionnaire.
  • Data Capturing and Entering

    As part of this task, you’ll need to collect information from different resources. Data specialists collect information from various digital media, including magazines, newspapers, books, and ebooks available online. Then, they will enter the data using the company’s preferred data entry tools.
  • Email Processing

    Data specialists process emails by going through thousands of emails daily. They read the emails, understand their words, and make a list or put them into different groups in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Database Updating

    This type of data entry involves updating the company’s database. These databases could include names, phone numbers, email IDs, and addresses for different industries.
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Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are relatively recent compared to other kinds of data entry work. These include brief but repetitive data entry tasks that specialists can complete quickly.

The following are the various types of microdata entry jobs:

  • Captcha Entry

    Often used to prevent automated or fraudulent data entry, “captchas” are images that contain text, numbers, or alphanumeric data. Those qualified for this type of data entry service can decipher hundreds of captchas daily.
  • Copy-Pasting

    The process is as simple as copying and pasting information into a new file. Although typing speed isn’t necessary, you should be fluent in English because you will read extensively before making copies or pastes.
  • Captioning

    News broadcasts and other media have an exceptionally high demand for captioning services. But writing headings and captions for a news story or picture is a more complex type of writing. It requires both writing experience and familiarity with the media industry to succeed.
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Data Formatting

Formatting jobs require a strong command of the English language and grammar. Data entry types like these typically involve formatting, editing, and correcting.

  • Re-Formatting and Correction

    This type of data entry requires expert knowledge of Word document formatting standards, including proper paragraph alignment, indenting, and font selection. It usually includes formatting a long form with names, email IDs, and phone numbers.
  • Formatting and Editing

    One of the primary responsibilities of this position is to fix typos and other errors in the written content. Therefore, editing skills and a solid grasp of the English language are required to reformat a whole document.
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File Conversion

File conversion entails transforming images or audio files into a Word document.

  • Image-to-Text

    This type of data entry service is more common in the healthcare sector. This is because it involves challenging medical jargon that only some people come across. It typically arrives as a screenshot with a few paragraphs of text that data specialists must write into a Word document.
  • Audio-to-Text

    Listening to an audio file and transcribing it into text is part of this data entry job. To understand every word, the data specialist must have a high level of English proficiency.
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Data entry jobs that require transcription are challenging. A transcriptionist types information while listening to an audio recording and enters it into reports and documents. Transcriptionists are in high demand in medical and legal firms, among other places. This kind of data entry requires formal transcription training and years of experience. Aside from that, a strong command of the English language and a fast typing speed are essential for this work.

  • Medical Transcription

    Medical transcriptionists are among the highest-paid data entry workers. This data entry type requires mastery of advanced medical terminology, stellar listening, and shorthand writing abilities.
  • Medical Coding

    Medical coding is a scarce profession. This converts medical diagnoses, procedures, and services into codes with alphanumeric characters.
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Types of Data Entry Services NarraSoft Offers

NarraSoft’s data entry services are streamlined to save time and effort while maximizing accuracy. We’re just one of many companies that outsource data entry. However, the expertise that our teams consistently show makes us stand out from the rest. Adding our data entry services to your workflow will help you save time and reduce the likelihood of any data entry errors. No matter what industry you work in, you can be sure that our data entry outsourcing services will meet all of your needs.

Here are the data entry types we offer to various clients:

Database Data Entry: Our database data entry services ensure that your spreadsheets and other informational repositories are always up-to-date.

Image Data Entry: NarraSoft’s image cataloging, indexing, and retrieval features will help you create easily navigable and searchable image archives.

Emailing List Creation: Maintaining order in your email marketing lists facilitates more precise targeting. Let our experts take care of maintaining and compiling your most important contacts.

Real Estate Data Entry: The data entry specialists at NarraSoft can facilitate the updating and archiving of mortgage, sales, and listing information for real estate businesses.

Bulk File Conversions: NarraSoft’s bulk file conversions, from PDFs to images, will guarantee that your database files will be compatible with the software used in your organization’s networks.

Collaborate with an Effective and Competitive Data Entry Service

The proliferation of new data sources has made data entry an integral part of many businesses. For a long time, companies of all stripes have relied on third parties to handle their data entry needs. Now that you know this, you can confidently choose which types of data entry are best for your business.

Ready to work with a premier data entry outsourcing company? Contact us today for more information on our data entry services.