Marketing and Advertising Industry

Marketing is the lifeblood of a company’s growth. Without it, your target audience’s interest in and positive perception of your product or service could wane, leaving you with low consumer or client volume. 

One study reveals that one of the top reasons why startups fail is poor marketing. The skills involved in intriguing and engaging your customers and eventually converting them into advocates of your brand are essential for your business to thrive and expand. 

Among the numerous expertise and services of NarraSoft is marketing and advertising. We help businesses with the following:

  • Conceptualize and develop the business’s brand;
  • Create an intuitive and secure website using different content management systems;
  • Produce animated explainers;
  • Program and develop mobile ads and playable ads;
  • Manage customer engagement, and;
  • Build mobile apps.

The most common marketing and advertising issues that NarraSoft aims to address are brand awareness, audience retention, and market engagement, which can be achieved through the solutions we offer.

How Marketing Helps Your Brand and Business

Through brand development, your business creates a strong image and presence in your target audience’s mind. Marketing executes the result of developing your brand, and in order to execute it well, you will need a diverse arsenal of marketing tools and techniques. As mentioned NarraSoft can provide your company with a wide range of marketing services. Here, we explain the value of each aspect as well as the kind of service and output we can provide your company. 

  • Business website: Your website acts as your online store, details your products or services, and gives your customers a sense of what your brand is and what your business does. A 2017 report by eCommerce Foundation said that 88% of consumers that year researched products first before buying. This indicates that establishing your online presence can lead to greater trust among buyers. Through WordPress, NarraSoft can provide you with a well-designed and well-built website that fulfills your company’s goals.
  • Playable ads: Playable ads are a popular trend. A majority of them demonstrate the core gameplay of a mobile game by letting a user experience the game through the ad for a limited amount of time. One study finds that 71% of US-based app marketers determined playable ads were effective at engaging the target audience. Being a lover of games as well, we at NarraSoft provide our clients with immersive playable ads they can incorporate in their marketing strategy.
  • Animated explainers: Explainer videos are proven to satisfy consumers, according to a study. The video format is a powerful medium that sustains the attention of your target audience because of how easy they are to consume. Even Facebook videos organically perform 135% better than their static counterpart. NarraSoft’s team of designers can animate video explainers, which you can use on multiple platforms.

Customer engagement: To truly convert the target audience, a company must engage with them and address their concerns in the most effective way. This requires daily and timely engagement that is both helpful and meaningful to the customer. NarraSoft values customer engagement, and we always make it a point to understand customer concerns and respond to each one promptly.