MetaMythic Enhances Learning Experience of Cybersecurity Employees through Gamified Training, Bagging International Awards

About the client’s product

Established in 2014, MetaMythic creates cybersecurity training solutions to help companies’ employees better understand cybersecurity protocols. Their award-winning collection of e-learning materials, CIP Defender, is their first-ever project.

Overview of the Project

How do you make sure your cybersecurity employees learn important protocols in a way that sticks? Traditional training, although common, is a counterproductive approach that has led to multiple compliance violations and errors.

This is the problem MetaMythic wanted to address, and they were able to do so with their collection of cybersecurity learning products called CIP Defender. In their e-learning product, employees become immersed in a story where they’re the main heroes tasked to protect infrastructure and fend off cyberattacks.

Solutions Provided by NarraSoft

Through their partnership with NarraSoft, MetaMythic was able to create a gamified approach to learning cybersecurity protocols. Cybersecurity employees can experience training in a more engaging way, effectively understanding the standard procedures and protocols according to CIP and NIST standards. NarraSoft’s contribution to this innovative product is its code and animation. Here’s what we did for MetaMythic:

  • Develop CIP Defender’s functionality through CoffeeScript and JavaScript
  • Ensure the code is in tip-top shape
  • Animate objects and characters in the training modules
  • Make the modules available on all browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox,  Internet Explorer Edge, and Internet Explorer 11
  • Enhance the audio of the gamified course


MetaMythic won international awards for their collection of e-learning cybersecurity products.

  • Brandon Hall’s “Best Advance in Compliance Training” (2017) – GOLD
  • Brandon Hall’s “Best Advance in Custom Content” (2016) – GOLD
  • Brandon Hall’s “Best Advance in Compliance Training” (2016) – SILVER
  • International Learning Technologies Awards’ “Best Use of Learning Technologies to Ensure Compliance” (2016)

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