This Mobile App Assists & Inspires Users to Reach Their Fitness Goals Anywhere, Any Time

About the client’s product

What if you had a fitness partner you can access at any time with a few clicks? Often, people are unmotivated to work on their overall wellness either because they aren’t equipped with the right tools or they simply don’t know where to start. 

With this mobile application, everything is laid out for the user. From daily workout routines to unique meal plans, every significant facet of health is made available in the mobile app. And it’s all thanks to the thorough collaboration between our client and our team.

Overview of the Project

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not as intuitive for some as it is to others. Some people require daily reminders and an effective plan to keep them motivated to work toward their health and fitness goals and remain convinced they will see results in a foreseeable period. And sometimes, what these people need is a handy tool they can access at any moment. Enter the mobile app.

Mobile apps are accessible to anyone and everyone who owns a smartphone. Around the globe, that’s about 4 billion people. Think about that for a second — about 4 billion people have easy access to their mobile device’s app store, and a huge portion of this number is looking to build a healthy lifestyle.

But building a mobile application requires extensive knowledge of specific technologies, and our client wanted to create a seamless fitness tool they can deploy fast and their users can access anywhere. With our help, they were able to do just that.

Solutions Provided by NarraSoft

NarraSoft’s full stack software development team built our client’s fitness mobile application from the ground up, complete with training features, diet plans, coaching, and more. Our full stack team was able to do this using:

  • React Native
  • PHP
  • And other technologies


Through NarraSoft’s years of mobile app development experience and expertise, we were able to recreate our client’s mobile application by improving its design and overall user experience. They even received a nomination for “Most Innovative Startup Company”.

Now users have an easier time navigating the services their mobile app offers. This has led them to an increased motivation to stay fit and stay engaged with our client’s comprehensive fitness tool.

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