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Having a mobile app for your business is a good way to drive customer loyalty and brand recognition. NarraSoft can provide top-quality outsourced mobile application development.

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Outsourcing is a common practice that allows businesses to reduce costs by getting other companies to do the non-core business tasks
for them at a lower cost compared to hiring their own in-house team to do it. By outsourcing our company to produce your mobile app, you can get a
mobile app or game done with a more cost-effective solution and without having to choose between quality and price.

We have over a decade of experience in offshore mobile development and software in different platforms. These include mobile app platforms such as iOS, Android, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, and many others. By creating an app for your business, you can increase your brand visibility, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

Increase Brand Visibility and Customer Loyalty

Having your brand logo on your customers’ smartphone can make your brand more visible and memorable. You also become their go-to business when they’re in need of your products and services

Direct Access to Senior Talent and Experience

Our mobile app outsourcing developers have experience building mobile apps and games under different platforms. Your app or game will be developed by senior talent with the latest tech and software on-hand.

High-Quality App Development and Management

We take quality and deadlines seriously and update you on our progress every step of the way. From creation, to development, to testing, and even after launching, we make sure your customers can operate your app.

Better Brand Recognition Via Our Mobile App Outsourcing Company

After smartphones became popular in the early 2010s, more people traded in their regular old cellphones to keep them more connected online. Today, around 5 billion people around the world own a smartphone. And in your own smartphone, you’re likely to find an app that can help you with any everyday task.

Most businesses (yes, even small businesses) can benefit from having their own mobile application. Using our mobile app outsourcing services, your business can benefit from having a direct line to your customers’ smart phones. And with our offshore mobile application development services, you reduce the costs of creating your own outstanding mobile app.

Mobile App & Game Developer Profile

NarraSoft’s mobile app and game developers are generally required to have more than 2 years of mobile app and game
development experience. Our team can develop your mobile apps and games using the following platforms:

Unity Engine Development
Android Development
React Native
Ionic Framework
Ionic + Cordova

Our mobile app and game developers can go far and beyond what they have been tasked to do. Owing to their years of development experience, NarraSoft’s mobile app and game developers are able to examine your mobile app or game concept and recommend any improvements to the concept. They have a vast knowledge of the field’s best practices, enabling them to give insightful gaming or mobile app creation solutions and deliver high quality output.

The Reliable Mobile App Outsourcing Company

Let NarraSoft handle all your mobile app development needs from start to finish. With over 10 years of experience, we’re driven in producing quality results for maximum client satisfaction.

Interested in seeing what we can do for your business? Tell us what you need by contacting us today for a free consultation, and we will create your mobile app team for you.

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