NarraSoft in Europe

Many of our US-based clients are surprised to learn we have a European presence. For the past three years NarraSoft has been successfully expanding its businesses to several countries across Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. Our services to the clients in these countries include 3D digital art/animation for computer game companies, software development services and mobile development, including Unity.

It is NarraSoft’s intention to continue to engage and work with other companies in Europe, as this has been a great geography for us to work in from a cultural perspective. Plus, we have had a lot of fun working with our European clients! 😉

If you work for a European company and would like to significantly reduce your OPEX in the areas of software development, mobile development or 3D digital art/animation, please reach out to the team at NarraSoft. You can email us at sales@narrasoft.com