Here at NarraSoft, we promote work-life balance and find ways to make sure that everyone gets a break from our routines and reenergize our team. This gives everyone a chance to interact in a more casual and relaxed environment.


The NarraSoft team being huge fans of the Marvel universe thought that the best way to reward all our team’s hard work was with free movie tickets to Marvel’s Avengers Endgame with popcorn and drinks (of course) to ensure survival and satisfaction of the 3-hour greatness we were about to experience!


The team loved every moment of the movie. A lot of laughs and tears were shared and shed, but at the end of it all, we all had fun. The movie taught us all valuable lessons about teamwork, passion, chances and finding successes from failure. What a great and inspired way to start our week! We look forward to next years Movie Night!

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