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If you want your video game, eLearning course, or digital product to interact with your audience effectively, augmented reality art is the answer for you. Outsource augmented reality art assets to engage your customers better! With AR art development from NarraSoft, create a deeper and more exciting connection with your target market.

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Making augmented reality 3D art is definitely no walk in the park. But in our over ten years of digital art creation experience, we know how to manage the work that needs to be done.

We’re Transparent About Our Augmented Reality 3D Process

Since our goal is to help you reach your business targets, we want to let you in on how we plan to achieve them. Take a look at what our AR asset development process looks like:

Step 01

We need to model, sculpt, and refine the 3D art needed for your augmented reality project. So we start with our standard 3D art creation process, but if the AR asset you need is not a game asset, there is no need to convert the art into a low-poly model. Some of the software we use for augmented reality for art include Substance Painter, Autodesk Maya, and 3DSMax.

Step 02

We convert these assets into readable files on our augmented reality software.

Step 03

We prime the assets for AR technology through a software application called Reality Composer. Then, we will render the assets completely and make them usable on any AR application.

You Team Up with Some of the Best
Augmented Reality Artists in the Philippines

Looking for people who can build your augmented reality 3D art from scratch? Your search ends here because NarraSoft has some of the most creative and knowledgeable AR art development experts and artists in the industry. Not only are we able to produce 2D digital art, 3D models, and other digital sculptures — we’re also experienced in creating augmented reality and virtual reality assets!

You Access All the Software You Need
to Create Augmented Reality Art

NarraSoft offers you some of the best software for augmented reality art development and creation. Through Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Reality Composer, and more, we can make sure the quality of AR assets you get from teaming up with us is nothing short of impressive.

The Beauty of Augmented Reality Art Lies in Its Ability to Combine Real and Virtual Elements

When augmented reality for art (AR) pioneer Ronald Azuma described AR, he summed this technological advancement into three points — it combines the real and the virtual, it’s interactive, and it’s registered in 3D.

These characteristics alone give AR development the potential to change the way people approach many things. Mobile games can reach our world through our smartphones. Access to distant and impossible-to-reach objects appear in our immediate environment so we can study them better. And store items become almost tangible through AR technology without us going to the physical store.

The widespread use of AR shows that no matter what industry your business operates in, it can benefit from this technology’s numerous applications. Discover the power of augmented reality art development with NarraSoft. Create 3D graphics for your AR application with our team of experts.

What Advantages Will You Gain from Having
Augmented Reality Art?

Augmented reality, along with virtual reality, is a leading advancement in tech. Your company will experience amazing results from using augmented reality art in your product, service, or marketing assets simply because it can do so much for the people your business serves.

Give Your Users the Means to Visualize

The idea of applying augmented reality art in various fields is not new. For example in real estate, brokers can perform home staging more effectively by incorporating augmented reality technology. Through AR art development, they give potential buyers the means to visualize what an empty room with furniture could look like. In retail, interested consumers can see how a piece of clothing looks on them without physically donning the item. Virtually any type of product or service will feel closer to the customer with augmented reality art.

Make Learning More Enjoyable and Effective

Learning becomes a chore when you can’t fully grasp the subject. Imagine a person trying to understand how the human body works, or a student trying to mentally perform an operation without a cadaver on which they can practice. The learning experience is ineffective. Through augmented reality art and technology, learners can easily study subjects that are not immediately available — from bodies perceivable on a microscopic level to bodies existing in outer space.

Give Your Users Access Like Never Before

Every decision a person makes results from the information available to them. Your customers’ decisions are no exception. Your challenge now is to make sure the information they receive about your company is memorable.

With augmented reality art, you can give your target audience access to information about your product in a more interactive way. Whether your company belongs to the tourism sector, practices architecture, or even develops video games, AR development and technology will provide your audience the engagement they need to better appreciate your work.

Which Industries Benefit
From Augmented Reality Art?

Augmented reality for art is now used in games, entertainment, and various other industries. By leveraging the power of 3D graphics to create compelling and immersive experiences, AR art development has helped improve efficiencies and build better products and services across these industries:


AR development can be used as a marketing tool, providing travel agencies and other destination marketers innovative strategies to entice customers to travel.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Augmented reality art enables companies to visualize big data, reducing design errors and even eliminating the need for physical prototypes. Multiple people can also collaborate on a project and build projects in real-time.

Marketing & Advertising

Augmented reality art development allows interested buyers to use 3D versions of a product (e.g. how a furniture piece would look like in their home or if a certain lipstick shade will match their skin tone), moving prospects closer to conversion.


Augmented reality art revolutionizes healthcare via dental scanners, medical imaging, pediatric MRI evaluation, and many others.


Incorporating augmented reality art into learning creates interactive and immersive tools that improve a student’s understanding of a subject.

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At NarraSoft, we value our clients’ work and vision. Your success is our objective. Let us develop your augmented reality 3D art so you get the best AR assets in the market and even partner with the best digital art team.

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