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The 4 Ways Outsourcing Data Entry to an Established Firm Helps Your Company Stay Alert

Whether your company is in the business of healthcare or marketing, data entry outsourcing will help you and your people stay alert in more ways than you know. Don’t hesitate to contact NarraSoft today to get in touch with excellent data entry specialists!

Diversity, volume, accessibility — these are the qualities of data that can either make or break your company. The volume of existing data in 2020 is equivalent to a whopping 40 zettabytes or 40 trillion gigabytes.

But in and of itself, data is useless without a human mind to sift through its unwanted units, and if no one is there to make sure your data is in top shape, you risk losing opportunities and customers, causing you to inevitably lag behind your competitors. In other words, a lack of data organization will make your company less alert.

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How Does Outsourcing Data Entry Work Help Your Company Stay Alert?

When we think of the word alert, we picture someone who is vigilant and constantly on the lookout, eyes wide open with attention. Having this attitude toward your data can help you overcome some of the most preventable hurdles to your business growth. A few of the most common issues companies encounter in relation to their data entry process include:

  • How time-consuming data entry work actually is;
  • The excessive amount of energy a company has to invest in data entry work;
  • How limited a company’s infrastructure and resources are for data entry work;
  • How distracting data entry work is; and
  • The difficulty that comes with finding a team with a considerable amount of experience in data entry work

Met with these problems, your instinct might compel you to go all-out on recruitment platforms, infrastructure setup, and security measures. This is not an entirely bad idea; however, the trial-and-error phase will cost you much more than you might presently realize because you dispense a huge portion of your capital the moment you decide to build an in-house data entry team. This takes away your company’s complete focus on key activities that will increase your revenue. 

So how does outsourcing data entry work to an established company keep your company alert?

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Outsourcing Data Entry Services Keeps Your Company Alert Because of Security

For any company operating in any industry, data security is one of the top priorities. Trade secrets, identification details, and product information are only some of the sensitive data a company owns. If you perform data entry internally, it’s true you mitigate security risks in many respects. But there are other factors to consider, too. 

The demands of data entry can weigh down your company, whether these demands involve manpower or infrastructure. Instinctively, a company new to the process of data entry would think it’s more secure to start from scratch. But there is a completely different set of — arguably more difficult — problems attached to building an in-house data entry team. It includes not getting your infrastructure right, or not finding competent data entry specialists from the get-go. This setup is simply not ideal for most businesses in the long run.

But outsourcing solves this problem. Companies partner with a group of data entry professionals who have years of experience under their belt: They already know the protocols for protecting your data. Serving a huge number of satisfied clients, your partner outsourcing company has already experimented with approaches and built a stable structure around data entry work. This is how you keep your company alert in terms of data entry security.

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Outsourcing This Task Keeps Your Company Alert Because of the Focus You Gain 

You and your company’s team commit to the daily grind: employees meet deadlines for functions essential to the business, managers oversee and lead their departments, and executives perform top management work. But let’s say you introduce the data entry task to your already busy workforce. You create ad hoc teams specifically for the time-consuming, grueling task of data entry. Or perhaps you’re considering hiring a good team of data entry specialists. 

There are unique problems in both scenarios. If you create ad hoc teams for data entry work, you lose your team’s ability to concentrate on the job that brought them into your company in the first place. As mentioned, the work involved in data entry is time-consuming — and needlessly so, because there are better alternatives available to you. On the other hand, if you build an in-house data entry team from nothing, you lose your resources to a non-core — yet essential — activity, resources that could have been channeled to more productive investments.

But what happens when you outsource data entry to an experienced firm? For one, you avoid the problems in both preceding scenarios, and you proactively disentangle yourself from the obstacles smart companies avoid. But the greatest benefit you gain is focus, which you can invest in the essential work of your business, helping you get higher operational efficiency and increased productivity. This is how you keep your company alert: You make sure your company runs the way it should.

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Outsourcing Data Entry Services Keeps Your Company Alert with Accuracy

The accuracy of your data should be a primary concern as it influences your day-to-day business decisions, impacting the way your company operates and grows. In order to ensure your data is accurate and organized, you need to have a well-trained group of professionals experienced in cleaning and verifying data for other companies.

Again, if data entry work is done in-house, you are putting your data in the hands of potentially distracted workers who are juggling various tasks all at once and who might prioritize their core work over a non-essential activity. Recruiting your own team, as mentioned, can also create drawbacks as a large portion of your company’s resources and time will be spent looking for a good data entry team.

Through outsourcing, your company will immediately acquire a team of data entry specialists with years of experience, which means they have an official process for verifying data, ensuring your company stays on top of things and makes the right decisions with the correct information. This is how you keep your company alert with accuracy. 

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Outsourcing This Task Keeps Your Company Alert By Making Sure Your Employees Stay Awake

And by “awake” we mean energetic and ready to efficiently accomplish their work! Let’s face it: Data entry is a job suitable for workers who have data entry as their main task. If you assign this responsibility to an employee who already has a long list of job orders, you might gain subpar output and a constantly exhausted person in your company’s workforce. 

Data needs to be handled with care as it informs a company’s decision-making process. If the person designated to handle your company’s data has other duties or sees data entry as a secondary task, the possibility of a lackadaisical treatment toward your data arises. Additionally, people have limited time and energy, so if your employee spends their working hours on a non-essential task, their job satisfaction gets depleted along with their efficiency.

The good news is your company can easily avoid this ordeal by partnering with an outsourcing company experienced in recruiting top talent — talent that includes data entry specialists. Some of the tasks involved in data entry are: 

  • Data entry for content management systems 
  • Data entry for customer relationship management
  • Maintenance of data for e-commerce websites
  • Data processing
  • Transcription of data
  • Extraction of data
  • Digitization of paper documents
  • Forms processing
  • Data verification

Plus, established outsourcing companies can deliver your data in your desired format, whether it’s in digital spreadsheet form or in the structure of Hypertext Markup Language. This is how you keep your company alert: Your workforce devotes sharp attention to their core functions. 

In Summary

The four different ways outsourcing data entry to an established firm keeps your company alert are by:

  1. Making sure your data remains secure.
  2. Letting you focus on your company’s core activities.
  3. Ensuring your data is always accurate.
  4. Taking important yet monotonous and unappealing work away from your company’s workforce.

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