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NarraSoft provides outsourced services for businesses of all industries. Here's what we can offer to lower the cost of your daily business operations without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

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Outsource Services for Business To NarraSoft

NarraSoft’s business process outsourcing services are based in Manila, Philippines, one of the fastest-growing BPO hubs in Asia. It runs 24/7,
operating in three shifts to cover our clients’ round-the-clock business operations. Our BPO agents are college graduates with an excellent command
of English, making them proficient in communicating with clients all over the globe.

By outsourcing our services, your business can reduce labor costs and benefit from an expanded labor pool of talented professionals who provide world-class services operating 24/7. This is advantageous for small to medium businesses looking to grow their operations.

Reduced Labor Costs

We handle the costs of staffing for you so your business will not have to spend on recruitment or incur loses on bad hires. Your company won’t have to pay management costs, salaries, and employee benefits — and you benefit from our outsourced business solutions by gaining access to our large labor pool.

24/7 Operations

Our people are available 24/7. This means we can tend to your business needs in a timely and efficient manner.  This also makes us accessible and open for communication during your business hours, regardless of your time zone.

Increased Focus on Your Core Business

Your in-house team can handle the core processes of your business while we handle the daily business tasks that take up your team’s time. We provide a dedicated support team structured on efficiency to avoid disrupting your everyday processes.

World Class Business Process and
Talent Outsourcing

NarraSoft provides world-class digital services and business process outsourcing work to companies around the world. For over a decade, we’ve built a team of efficient and tech-savvy professionals and established a collaborative environment where we can provide our clients with high-quality output at low costs.

Our outsourced services include:

This allows small- and medium-sized businesses — especially those in the technology sector — to scale up without the added costs of having their own labor pool.

Providing High-Quality Outsourced Business Solutions

At NarraSoft, we offer flexibility and efficiency for every client, be it a project-based task, a collaboration, or work that involves your everyday business operations. We treat your projects like they’re ours.

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