Quality Assurance and Testing: The Key to Bulletproof Software, Mobile Apps and Websites

When you make the investment to build a mobile app, software product or website, you want to ensure the end result works well, is fully functional, doesn’t crash and is positioned for future growth.  This is why the process of quality assurance and testing is so critical. In addition to software builds, mobile app/game development and web development, NarraSoft provides quality assurance and testing. Our team of senior developers is very experienced at ensuring applications and websites are optimized, work properly and are supported by rock solid coding.

There are two categories of testing…white box testing which focuses on the coding aspect and black box testing which focuses on functionality.

What White Box QA Can Do for Software Development

White box QA testing is used to validate software internal coding and infrastructure. It verifies the accuracy of the statement, conditions, code paths, loops, and data flows of the application. Also referred to as glass box, open box, clear box, structural testing, this QA process involves investigating the source code to determine which unit of code is not performing as expected. Compared to black box QA, where testers look into functionality without knowing the system’s inner workings, white box QA is conducted by testers with clear and complete understanding of the internal structure.

Why Conduct White Box Testing

Basically, white box QA is done to make sure all paths within a module have been exercised at least once. It is also meant to verify all logical decisions on their true and false values. By running a section of code with preset input values, the preset output values are validated. If the values do not match, it means a bug has been detected. The process is repeated several times throughout the application. By going through a code section by section, programmers will be able to remove the unnecessary sections of code. In addition, they can optimize the code by removing hidden errors which may not occur during normal testing. By going through a code section by section, programmers will be able to remove the unnecessary sections of code. In addition, they can optimize the code by removing hidden errors which may not occur during normal testing.

Why Outsource White Box Testing

In a software development process, there is a line separating developers and quality assurance testers. The developers’ job is to implement functionality, while the QA team is responsible for conducting tests to make sure that functionality meets the software requirements. And since white box testing is somehow a time-consuming process which can only be done by skilled coders, it is best that you outsource it to a dedicated QA provider.

Outsourcing companies specializing in white box QA can help speed up the testing process significantly. When a bug is detected, they have a general idea of what the problem is and how to resolve it immediately. Outsourced QA providers, like NarraSoft, have also mastered the use of proven testing techniques, which, in the case of white box testing, require a clear understanding of the internal workings of the product to be tested in order to select the test data. You just need to discuss your specifications with them and they will ensure the source code will go through complete code coverage techniques.

Ensuring Software Quality With Black Box Testing

Once the development team has completed coding, it is time to send the software to a testing group for quality assurance. Without the benefit of a good QA procedure, a company may end up releasing defective software which may seriously damage their reputation. One of the quality assurance methods commonly used for testing software is black box QA. Unlike white box QA, which is conducted early in the testing process, this method is usually done during the later stages of testing.

What Is Black Box Testing

Also called behavioral testing, black box testing gives developers the opportunity to test an application, but without requiring the testers to have a clear understanding of the code used to build it. Testers only know that information is put in, but do not have any idea how it is processed or returned. Basically, the goal is to test and find errors from the users’ side. By separating user and developer perspectives, black box QA allows testers to verify large bodies of code more efficiently. There are different techniques used in black box testing and these include Boundary Value Analysis (BVA), Decision Table-based Testing, Equivalence Class Partitioning, Cause-Effect Graphing Technique, and Error Guessing. Focusing on functionality instead of internal system processes, black box QA testing analyzes high-level designs and specifications. Since the testers don’t know what went into the development of the application to be tested, they don’t have to concern themselves with how each element is meant to work. They only have to assess each function as it is. On the other hand, the developers are able to see at which areas the software works as expected and which ones need to be corrected.

Why You Should Outsource Black Box Testing

Software development companies generally invest in testing techniques as part of their in-house QA program. Although this results in building quality software applications, it is a substantial diversion of valuable resources into a non-core business activity. A more cost-effective way to test software performance is to outsource black box testing requirements to a reputable testing service provider. By outsourcing quality requirements, software companies are able to cut their cost and management overhead, while accelerating their development cycle. Software testing providers also have procedures in place to make sure that their black box testing techniques are carried out well. Depending on the needs of the clients, they can also customize their testing methodology. If you need help with your black box testing requirements, get in touch with NarraSoft today.

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