Recent Innovation Transforms the Compliance Training Industry

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Brandon Hall Group announced the winners of the coveted Human Capital Management Excellence Awards 2017, and MetaMythic (with software development partner, NarraSoft Corporation) won gold for Best Advance in Compliance Training, continuing placement of MetaMythic in the highest international ranks across all industries, and the top e-learning solution in the utility industry today. In less than one year since product launch, CIP Defender has won four international awards: Brandon Hall silver and gold in 2016, the International Learning Technologies award in 2016, and now Brandon Hall gold in 2017, demonstrating that MetaMythic is at the forefront of human performance innovation.

This additional award offers further proof that MetaMythic’s innovation vision continues to transform and improve the Elearning industry.

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Phil Bartos

Phil Bartos has worked extensively in the management consulting and IT/BPO outsourcing industries for Fortune 500 companies including: Accenture, Computer Sciences Corporation, TELUS and Siemens Corporation. Phil’s experience in the offshore outsourcing industry has included operations in the Philippines, India, Thailand, Russia, Mexico and Mercosur. Phil was an early adopter and pioneer entering the Philippine market in 2003; when it was still a small yet burgeoning offshore geography. In 2009, he launched NarraSoft and today serves as its President and CEO. Phil serves on the board of directors of the NC Museum of Life and Science, a globally renowned institution. He graduated from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Marketing. If you have any question or comments, please feel free to contact Phil at