Shout Out to the Incredible NarraSoft Team in Our Manila Studio!

Please excuse me for using this forum to brag about my team in the Philippines, but I just returned from a phenomenal visit. We had our annual company beach outing…food, drinks, dancing, volleyball, swimming, games and of course karaoke. Yours truly sang an absolutely terrible version of Creep by Radio Head, but a very respectable version of the Tagalog hit, Pusong Bato! 😉

After seven years in business, I can honestly say this is the best team of software developers, mobile developers, 3D/2D artists and other professionals we have been fortunate to have. I am very proud to be part of this incredible team!

NarraSoft Team, Thanks to all of you for the hard work and commitment to quality and excellence in everything you do. I appreciate it and our clients appreciate it. Keep it up as we continue to grow our company!