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NarraSoft is software outsourcing company offering a competitive and cost-effective solution to software development for businesses in the tech industry.

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NarraSoft’s offshore software development company brings value to your company by bringing everything you need for your software development needs. Our software developers have years of expertise and continuously trained on software updates or the latest in software development.

Our software development process involves direct communication and plenty on updates from our end, so you can be assured that you know what’s happening to your project every step of the way. We have found this level of communication instrumental in maintaining our high quality standards and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Working with the Best

Our clients have access to our highly skilled and experienced team of project managers and senior software developers. They also have the best technology, software, and equipment at their disposal to produce outstanding work.

Cost-Effective Solutions

You get a dedicated team of offshore software developers working on your project minus the hefty costs of hiring your own in-house team. By acquiring our services, you only pay a fraction of that cost.

Direct Communication

Our clients get direct access to each member of our team so that they have a say in the project every step of the way. Regular live communication can improve quality, ensure timeliness, and maintain high satisfaction.

Software Projects

The future is digital, so it’s no surprise that many businesses today are turning towards technology and software for their day-to-day operations. A lot can go wrong in in software development without the right team, so our software outsourcing company can provide you with a fully-equipped team of developers with years of experience to ensure our client’s level of satisfaction.

Our software development services encompass the entire process of creating, developing, and testing your software for quality assurance and correcting errors. Our in-house team has years of expertise in various platforms including .NET, PHP, Java, WordPress, Python, React Native, Unity, iOS, Android, and other platforms. These programs, along with our team’s continuous training and complete set of the latest tools, programs, and other software, ensure that we bring quality, service, and timeliness to the table.

Software Developer Profile

NarraSoft’s software developers, who are required to have — at a minimum — 2 years of experience in software
development, are proficient in one or more of the following programming languages:

Even if a very specific programming language is required for your project, NarraSoft can easily supply you with the right candidate. Our software developers’ comprehensive knowledge in programming languages stems from their years of experience, as well as the open culture within the company.

At NarraSoft, we encourage everyone to be generous with their knowledge, and that involves helping fellow programmers with their task if the need arises, giving our clients more than enough pairs of eyes overseeing their project. Hiring our software developers also lessens the expenses on your end since the infrastructure and hardware are already installed in our office. Moreover, our people are skilled in managing software projects, supervised by NarraSoft’s Head of Software Development.

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