Elon Musk said, “Space is HARD!”

Well, software may not be as hard, but there are A LOT of moving parts and a lot can go wrong…design, quality assurance, testing, deadlines, project management, compatibility testing across platforms etc etc etc.  NarraSoft can make software engineering, mobile apps and games and web development less painful.  We have a senior team of software developers with years of expertise across a variety of platforms, including: .NET, PHP, Java, WordPress, Python, React Native, Unity, iOS, Android and many other software technology platforms.

The value NarraSoft brings to your company is not just our software and mobile experience and expertise.  We have project managers, team leads and a senior management team laser focused on our customers.  Quality and service are, simply put, a key part of our culture.

We take deadlines very seriously and throughout the entire software development process, our customers have direct access to our teams…from the individual software engineers to our CEO.  We encourage regular live communications in addition to leveraging software monitoring and workflow tools.  We have found this level of communications to be very instrumental in quality, hitting deadlines and maintaining our client’s level of satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help support your software engineering and mobile development initiatives, please reach out to us.  We can schedule a call to discuss your software, web and mobile development goals in greater detail.

For more information, please email sales@narrasoft.com  or call +1 (919) 649-0676.

If you are interested to learn more about us and our services, you can click here to download our company profile.

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