Technical talent is expensive. So we’ve made sure our technical support outsourcing services are not.

A consistently available technical support team ensures the immediate troubleshooting of your customers’ software or hardware problems. With outsourced technical support services, your customers’ tech issues are addressed at any time, anywhere allowing you a perfect balance between cost and scale.

About NarraSoft

Outsourcing technical support significantly enhances your company’s response time and reduce your spending and delight the most important people of all – your customers.

Here’s what outsourcing technical support does for your company: it gives your end-users tech solutions 24/7, it helps you cut down on extraneous costs, and it saves you the trouble of scouting for your own technical support team. Technology is integral to running a business, but its unpredictability can sometimes impede rather than promote your company’s growth. This is why outsourced technical support services have proven to be an effective means to achieving a company’s business objectives. Outsourcing allows you to have as much or as little support as is necessary – a competitive flexibility.

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Cost Effective Tech Solutions

Our technical support services allow you save money and promote the quality of your customer service. We help you scale your services, putting your businesses nearly literally at their customers’ fingertips.

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Round-the-clock Availability

You can find workers who are available during the day shift, midday shift, evening shift, and graveyard shift. Tons of tech specialists are working day-in and day-out at outsourcing firms, productively serving you 24/7.

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Adaptable Team

With a vast understanding of your product, a technical support team can solve all kinds of issues being raised by your consumers. Knowing how to solve your customers’ tech problems with lightning-fast speed and with a quick ability to express solutions in your brand voice solidifies your business as one that’s reliable.

Scale Up your Support without Scaling up your Cost

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Trained to operate as part of your organization, our tech support specialists will treat your customers like our own. NarraSoft empowers you with flexible solutions, helping your company elevate your customers’ technical support experience.

Through our omni-channel availability — whether the kind of support you provide requires e-mail, a CRM platform, chats, or calls, — we can address your end-users’ tech concerns through whatever medium you offer. Experience the advantages offered by outsourced technical support services by working with NarraSoft.

Single Touch Resolution

NarraSoft’s passion comes from our experience of one touch resolutions to technical problems.  Whether it’s web support, application support, and other similar customer experiences.

We are driven to making sure your customers are satisfied with your product or service and that we solve as many problems at the first go. Care to give it a go?