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The Role of Concept Art in Game Development

Concept art translates an initial idea into an actual, physical thing. In game development, it sort of provides the basic framework from which a full-fledged product will be based on. While the final artwork almost always doesn’t look like the initial design, concept art still has an important role in the creation of any type of game.

Guiding Inspiration

Hundreds of people typically work on a single game and it is important for all of them to be on the same page at all times. This is especially true if some of the tasks will be outsourced. Concept art allows everyone involved, whether they are working in-house or offshore, to focus on a single artistic vision.

Establishing the Mood

Every game has its own distinct mood. Mario Kart, for example, is a lot less gloomy than Batman: Arkham Knight. In addition to showing the basic look of a game, the job of concept artists is to convey its feel and mood. To achieve this, a concept art should include specific attributes and features of characters, props, locations, and other items that are consistent with the game’s theme.

Reducing Errors

Concept art is also useful in ironing out any possible visual kink that might occur down the line. Whether it is for setting a mood shot or a detailing the schematics of a prop, the work of a concept artist can help reduce mistakes, and in turn, keep the project from getting delayed or going over budget.

Creating concept art is the first step in bringing video game ideas to life. It gives modelers a visual guide on how characters, buildings, sceneries, and other elements are supposed to look in a 3D environment. More importantly, though, concept art can be very effective in showing project managers and producers the bigger picture and getting their approval on an idea. It is more cost-efficient to present them an appealing visual overview in the form of concept art, than to get modelers to directly create the actual thing.

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