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The toys and collectibles industry is forecasted to grow to $2 billion per year. Maximize its growth by outsourcing your toy design to NarraSoft today.

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Toys and Collectibles: The Figures
behind the (Action) Figures

The toys and collectibles market is bright and booming. In 2020 — and in the United States alone — the market is forecasted to reach about 2 billion USD per year. And since mainstream studios consistently produce comic book-based movies, thereby widening the fan base of superheroes, the toys and collectibles industry expands in proportion to this pop culture phenomenon. As an example, three of the top five grossing movies in 2019 were superhero movies and totaled over 5 billion USD in global sales.

Cost Effective Toys and Collectibles
Concept and Design with Outsourcing

The toys and collectibles industry continues to grow with opportunity. Contributing to the industry’s supply and demand chain are a multitude of players: motion picture companies, entertainment businesses, 3D printing services, and the fan base. But at the heart of a toy or collectible’s attractiveness to consumers — aside from the appeal of owning an object that reminds them of their favorite superhero — is its design. Lovers of toys and collectibles will always gravitate to the high-quality, nearly perfect replication of their desired character.

Flawless execution of a toy or collectible’s design is important. This is how outsourcing can help your company. NarraSoft, for example, already has a team dedicated to creating the designs of toys and collectibles. Our 3D artists can fashion the appearance of a toy or collectible as close to the actual model as possible. Additionally, infrastructure is already available and ready for use, making the process of rendering these designs quicker.

Minimal Spending on
High Quality Designs

Your toy or collectible’s design can be brought to life without you shelling out unnecessary expenses, such as ads on recruiting platforms and high-end software. By outsourcing the design of your toys and collectibles to an established outsourcing company, you instantly gain a team of designers you can collaborate with, and they have the software needed to execute your project.

Design Infrastructure
at the Ready

Not all companies aspiring to structure their business model around selling toys and collectibles have the financial capacity to design their main product. But outsourcing immediately solves this problem: all the software and hardware necessary for designing toys and collectibles are ready for use. All you have to do is reach out to the right outsourcing company.

Passionate Team of

Another vital part of the toys and collectibles design process is — of course — the team of designers. Through outsourcing, you benefit from the years of experience of professional 3D artists, who can produce quality toys and collectibles designs for your company.

Why Outsource Your Toys
and Collectibles Design to

NarraSoft can provide your company with excellent digital 3D art outsourcing services. Our artists are experts in using a wide array of design software, such as:

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Adobe Photoshop

Using these applications, we model and sculpt various figures. Then, we send the designs to 3D printing companies for production so you receive the high-quality final output of your product. Our passionate team of full-time artists and freelancers are professionally trained in and have a comprehensive understanding of digital 3D art creation. Moreover, our process of developing 3D digital art assets for our clients’ projects is streamlined, making our workflow simple, straightforward, and fast.

The Best Toys and Collectibles Designs Await You

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