The 3-Item Checklist to Help Beginners & Pros Pick the Best Video Editing Software

Finding quality video editing talent is half the battle when it comes to producing compelling video content. The other half is picking out top-notch editing software intuitive enough for beginners and pros alike.

We also say “for beginners”, but we’re merely referring to the gold standard. Like any piece of software, video editing applications are better off being easy, simple, clean, and intuitive. In other words, user-friendly.

That being said, it’s just as important to figure out which video editing software suits your video project’s needs. And sometimes, it helps to think of this in terms of the three Ps.

The Checklist to Pick the Best Video Editing Software Designed for Beginners & Pros Alike

The three Ps come in handy when you want to successfully determine the type of software (editing or otherwise) your project requires. These three Ps are:

  • Purpose
  • Package
  • Price

Purpose is the project of your video content, your intention for producing it in the first place. What do you want to do with your output? What are your goals for it? In determining this, you easily narrow down your needs.

Will your video content require heavy use of visual effects? Or does it call for minimal editing only? This leads us to the second P — package. This helps you identify the editing tools you need for your video. 

What tools does a video editing application have vis-a-vis the features that will enhance your project? List them down; assemble your thoughts.

And once you’ve figured this out, you have to take a look at your budget. This is where price comes in. In this article, we will tell you which video editing software is best given the level of skill (beginners, pros, or somewhere in the middle), purpose, and price you’re aiming for.

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Video Editing Software for Beginners, Pros, & Those In Between

For this article, we asked our video editors for their recommended video editing software for beginners, professionals, and those who are neither novices nor seasoned professionals. The following are their recommendations.

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Video Editing Software for Beginners

When we say beginners, we mean the more user-friendly applications with fewer features but are far from inferior. In other words, you can expect these video editing apps to perform reliably when you’re editing raw footage.

Can you guess what they are? If you guessed pre-installed video editing software, then you’re partly right. One of the best types of video editing software for beginners should practically be free, like Apple’s iMovie. It’s good to kickstart video editing with software that poses no risks.

But if you’re looking for other options, here are some other recommendations:

Beginner-level video editing software is good for:

  • Vlogs
  • Personal videos
  • Practice

Video Editing Software for Pros

For more work-intensive projects, these are the go-to editing programs because of the effects and graphics they’re able to produce. At the very top of this list is Adobe Premiere Pro, which our video editors know how to use professionally.

It’s a subscription-based software that’s easy to learn, constantly updated (as it’s owned by a big company), and contains all the key features a professional video editor could ever need. Adobe Premiere Pro is even used by popular YouTube channels like The Try Guys. It charges monthly subscribers $21.

Our pro tip? Use Adobe Premiere Pro together with any of the following video editing and visual effects software: 

  • Adobe After Effects: also subscription-based that charges $21 monthly, this visual effects and graphics software allows output to be easily integrated into Premiere Pro and other video editing software
  • PowerDirector: originally meant for Windows but has recently released a version for macOS, this alternative video editing software is more affordable (starts at $20 for a monthly subscription) and has wide-ranging editing features, such as AI motion tracking and even an expanded library of royalty-free photos
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Pro-level video editing software is good for:

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Video Editing Software for Those In Between

For mid-level editing, you easily use Adobe Premiere and Filmora for this purpose, according to our video editors.

Because Adobe Premiere Pro has everything you need, those who want to pursue video creation as a hobby or a potential career path will benefit greatly from the software. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, Filmora and Corel VideoStudio are good alternatives.

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Filmora
  • Corel VideoStudio: acquired through a single payment of at least $80, this video editing software is a pretty efficient editing tool with VR support; however, it currently doesn’t have versions for Mac and Linux, according to PCMag

Mid-level editors can use these software applications for:

  • Interview content
  • Video-oriented passion projects
  • Independently produced video content

Another Way to Piece Your Video Together

Coincidentally, the three Ps — purpose, package, price — apply to the different ways you can have your video content edited with polish. One such way is by outsourcing video editing services

Here’s how you know outsourcing is for you:

  • Your purpose is to continuously churn out quality video content for your business.
  • You need video editing software that has the complete package so you can diversify the type of video content you put out there.
  • You want top-notch output at an affordable price.

In terms of package and price, there will also be no need for you to subscribe to any of the pro-level editing software because outsourced partners have that covered for you. It minimizes your costs and channels most of your investment into the quality talent you bring into your company.

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If all these apply to your business goals, you can instantly reap so many benefits from outsourcing video editing talent.

In Summary

The three-item checklist beginners, pros, or mid-level editors should have when choosing video editing software comprises:

  • Purpose
  • Package
  • Price

Where purpose is the intent behind the video project, package is the complexity of video editing tools and features the software has, and price is the amount you’re willing to spend on the editing application.

For beginners, our video editors recommend the following editing software:

  • InShot
  • Filmora

For professionals:

  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • PowerDirector

For mid-level editors:

  • Premiere Pro
  • Filmora
  • Corel

Still unsure what video editing software you need? Book a consultation with our team today! We can give you free personalized insights into the kind of editing your video project requires.

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