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Did you know the video game industry will grow to $190 billion in 2022? NarraSoft develops video games for amazing companies. Click here to know more.

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Experts predict that, by 2022, the video
gaming industry will generate a revenue of
more than $190 billion.

This is because gaming has solidified itself as a strong part of popular culture. And the opportunities for new markets are ever-growing as the video gaming industry permeates through other industries as well, which we see in the likes of eSports and eLearning.

Rapid, Non-stop Growth in Video
Game Outsourcing in the Philippines

The development has been so rapid that in under a century, the gaming industry reached a level of sophistication and advancement that no one in the early 2000’s had anticipated. And what’s worth noting is that video games still strive to push the boundaries of the experience they can offer users.

The Philippines is known for its burgeoning BPO industry. And because a growing number of enthusiastic artists and developers are teaming up to create high-quality video games at a relatively low cost, the number of companies that wish to outsource Philippine-based game designers and developers continues to increase.

NarraSoft can execute every type
of gaming experience.

Whether you’re an independent or mid-sized gaming firm, or one that seeks to create a triple-A level type of game, we can build the type of game that meets your vision and your budget.

Our team can code complex programs through various languages. So whatever your programming needs may be, we can accomplish.

If you are looking to have all the elements of your game created, we can do that for you as well. All of your game’s characters, your game’s environment, and every other element you can imagine can be designed with a high level of skill in collaboration with us at NarraSoft. Vehicles, creatures, weapons, environment props — you name it, we make it.

How Your 3D Art Is Made

High-Poly Modeling

Through high-poly modeling, every detail of your game’s elements can be made visible, resulting in a photorealistic appearance. With high-poly modeling, your game elements will be of superior quality.

Low-Poly Modeling

After we model your elements using the high-poly method, your 3D art will be optimized through low-poly modeling. With low-poly modeling, your game can run faster, smoother, and more optimally without sacrificing the quality of any of your game’s elements.


As a final touch, we will add texture and color to your game’s elements. Our team can help elevate your game’s quality with the artists’ keen eye for design.

How Your 2D Art Is Made

Rough Sketching & Color Rendering

We make the process of creating your 2D art easy and speedy. Expect our team to deliver high-quality 2D art that serves your design objectives.

Before we begin our production phase, you will be given a rough sketch of your desired game elements — whether it’s your character, your environment, or any other object you want incorporated into your game.

Once approved, we will start generating your 2D art elements, adding the right mix of colors and fine textures that will appeal to your game objectives and your target audience.

Strengthen Your Concept Art

Our team of design experts can help your video gaming company generate 3D art and 2D art from the most basic level of production, which is creating your game element’s concept art.

With NarraSoft’s art and design team, we can help you enhance and build upon your idea through concept research, image sketches, mood boards, and color palettes.

Let’s Bring Your Game Art to Life with
Computer Game Animation

Through a streamlined and collaborative process, our experienced team of designers and developers can animate your 3D art and 2D art stylistically and with a wide range of movement. Not only are we composed of talented artists, detail-oriented animators, well-trained programmers, but we also have people who are knowledgeable in all these areas: our technical artists.

With the joint efforts of this diverse talent pool, your computer game animation can expect functional, fluid, and artistic results.

Take a look at what our character animation process is like:

Rigging and Skinning

First, we will construct the bones to enable your characters’ movement. Next, we will fuse these bones with your characters’ design.


Once your game characters have been assembled for animation, we will then create a sequence of movements that will simulate life-like motion. The same can be done for your game objects, which do not go through the process of rigging and skinning.

Asset Integration

Because of our experience in computer game animation, we have developed a system that will allow your characters and objects to merge smoothly with your game environment. In this phase, we will ensure that your characters are able to interact with the elements and environment of your game.

Experienced Developers

We have experienced developers that can tackle a wide range of programming tasks for any kind of game your company wants to produce. Adventure games, point-and-click games, and strategy games are only a few of the types of games we can program.

With NarraSoft, your product can be created with popular, flexible, and expansive game engines, including Unity, Unreal, and Lumberyard. We can also design your game in a way that will make it compatible for IOS and Android devices.

Because C++ and C# are the most commonly used programming languages, we have trained our developers to be well-versed in them. So, expect adaptability and the quick delivery of your game if you’re working with us.

Additionally, we have the skills and software to execute Motion Capture Cleanup if your game requires the kind of lifelike, fluid movement.

Culture of Open
Communication and

Every developer has a specialized language they are trained in. Because we foster openness and collaboration within the company, our developers are ready to assist one another in their work.

This will make the process of programming your game more efficient because we encourage a spirit of community and team effort within the company.

You can get everything your
gaming product needs: from art
creation to game development.

In the 10 years that we have been in operation, NarraSoft has rendered quality 2D and 3D art creation, video game development, and computer game animation for previous clients.

Our team of passionate designers and programmers has experienced game development in all its aspects in the 10 years that NarraSoft has been operating. Our tools for game design and programming include Unity, Autodesk Maya, 3DSMax, and Substance Painter.

Our knowledge in creating game art and game animation stays updated on video game trends and innovations to be able to accommodate clients’ needs as well as improve upon a concept or process.

Have your game created
by a highly-skilled and
dynamic team.

With NarraSoft, you can have a flawless gaming product, effortless collaboration, and high-quality designs at a relatively low cost. Having an easier, more efficient, and less costly game creation process is hard to come by, so if you’re interested in working with our expert team of designers and developers, send us an e-mail at Or fill out the form or message our chat box. We look forward to working with you soon!

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