A Web-based Application Improves Your Personal & Professional Connections Through A Healthy Mix of Technology & Physical Tools

About the client’s product

Accessible on Google Chrome and Safari, the application is real-time and web-based, allowing facilitators and licensed professionals, such as coaches and consultants, to navigate their professional relationships remotely and with ease. Using this application, providers can intuitively identify their clients’ issues, instructors can effortlessly conduct sessions, and so many more.

Overview of the Project

Even until today, a large number of people consider technology to be a perplexing tool. This can be difficult for those who are engaged in bettering interpersonal connections, especially in a world where forming bonds is often mediated by technology. And this is precisely the issue the team behind the software wanted to address.

With the web-based tool, you can visualize data concerning your personal or professional relationships. It’s flexible enough to aid users in understanding client relationships, relationships within an organization, and even relationships in friend groups. At its core, the application provides people with an intuitive avenue to align.

Solutions Provided by NarraSoft

NarraSoft’s software development team used the following technologies to enhance the application’s user interface and convert its code from Flash to HTML5.

  • CodeIgniter
  • jQuery
  • NodeJS


With NarraSoft’s expertise, the client was able to revamp their web application’s user interface and safely migrate it from Flash to HTML5. Moreover, users can now conduct sessions for training and coaching from the safety of their homes with multiple attendees, which is helpful in a pandemic-stricken and post-pandemic world.

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