Digital Marketing Events This Week


Digital Summit Seattle – March 27-28, 2017


More than 800 business executives, startup entrepreneurs, and digital media professionals are convening in Seattle, Washington on March 27-28 for the Digital Summit Seattle. Most of these attendees are thought leaders who influence their organization’s marketing and technology strategies.
From what we’ve heard, there are more than 40 sessions planned for this year’s event. Expert presenters and keynote speakers, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Facebook Head of Global Marketing Solutions Paul Peterman, and Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller Steve Clayton, will share detailed strategies and best practices on various digital marketing topics, such as content creation, user experience, social media, eCommerce, web analytics and engagement, and more. Some of the sessions also address the trends in the digital realm.


Napa Summit – March 30-31, 2017


Traditionally considered as California’s wine region, Napa Valley is a prime destination for wine enthusiasts. But on March 30-31, the place will be crawling with social marketers, SEO professionals, and other digital marketing specialists who will attend Napa Summit.

If you wish to give your search engine skills a boost, Napa Summit is the event to attend this year. An educational conference focused on inspiring SEO/SEM professionals, Napa Summit also gives its attendees the opportunity to network with industry experts and representatives of the world’s major brands, including Google’s Adam Singer, LinkedIn’s William Sears, and Searchmetrics’ Marcus Tober. It is an exciting event where both newbies and seasoned veterans will gain insights and learn from each other.

Be part of Napa Summit and equip yourself with the tools and techniques you need to be a successful digital marketer.


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