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Explainer Video Styles: How to Amplify Your Brand Effortlessly

If you’ve been poking around the net for explainer video styles, chances are you’re trying to find fresh ways to market your product or service.

Explainer videos may not be anything novel in the world of video marketing. You’ve seen them repeatedly on multiple platforms like social media, streaming sites, and websites. 

We even covered this topic in another post, explaining how this video marketing style can excellently illustrate what your company does. 

But in this article, we’re going to dive deeper into the world of explainer video styles and how their variations offer new approaches in promoting your business.

So if you want to discover the right kind of explainer video for your business goals, keep reading.

6 Explainer Video Styles to Bridge Your Message Effectively

As with anything, this list is not set in stone. Your messaging will determine what approach works best for you. However, certain styles work better than others, so it’s extra helpful to get acquainted with the basics of what you’re working with.

Once you’re familiar with them, you can mix and match style and intent until you’re happy with your strategy.

So with this in mind and without further ado, here are six explainer video styles to help you connect with your audience better.

Whiteboard Animation

Because explainer videos aim to educate, albeit for marketing purposes, what better style to use than the whiteboard animation, right? It’s fun. It’s engaging. Plus, it transports you to the good old days of note-taking and collective learning.

Whiteboard animation has been the explainer video style at the top of people’s minds for the longest time. But while it’s generally effective at getting any message across, it’s also best used for businesses in the learning industry.

Video by AsapSCIENCE

Just take a look at how AsapSCIENCE does it. Their educational explainer videos make us feel like we’re in a classroom environment. 

Whiteboard animation sets the right tone for companies hoping to demonstrate the effectiveness of their eLearning course, platform, or tool. Not only will it help explain what your company does, but it will also ensure you stay on-brand. 

Dynamic Text & Infographic

Like whiteboard animation, infographic-esque explainer videos with dynamic text as their primary visual give off a specific feel. Don’t you think they just scream publishing companies?

Even stationery brands and copywriting businesses benefit from this particular explainer video style. So use and explore it if you’re a business engaged in writing, letters, and literature.

Aside from these niche industries, dynamic text videos are great for any business looking to produce a simple and easy-to-do explainer video. If you’re worried about production constraints, this style is a suitable alternative. Pair the text with good animation and music, and you’re good to go. 

3D Animation

There’s something so compelling about 3D art. It’s so compelling, in fact, its applications span across diverse fields and industries like advertising and eLearning.  

Studies have even found 3D graphics to be powerful tools in enhancing the process of learning any subject matter. Believe it or not, even med students find it easier to learn new concepts in 3D.

So if med students can learn human anatomy with less effort through 3D graphics, what more if it were your audience learning about unheard-of products or services? Not only will you more easily help your target customers understand your work, but you might just convince them more successfully, too. And it’s true for new, extraordinary, innovative businesses.

This promotional video by NarraSoft is an example of 3D animation. If you’re thinking of going for this explainer video style, contact us to see what we can do for you.

Alternatively, you can use this style for storytelling. Through realistic 3D animation, you can evoke hard-hitting, gut-wrenching emotions. But trigger a teary-eyed audience at your own risk.

2D Animation

Another explainer video style that might be as popular and effective as whiteboard animation is 2D animation. Think flat vector illustrations, pixel art, or cartoon characters. 

Each variation of this explainer video style has a different story to tell, a powerful reason why 2D animation is such a sought-after approach.

Watch NarraSoft’s 2D animated explainer video, which our artists designed and created for a client.

You can enkindle feelings of nostalgia. Inspire organization and productivity through minimalist graphics. Or even conjure playful emotions with caricatures. 

At the core of 2D animation is flexibility. Our advice? Play it up to your advantage by aligning it with your business’s personality.

Live Action Video

For companies with a bigger production budget, hiring actors or sourcing testimonials would be wise if you want to add a layer of credibility to your explainer video.

Live action is a smart approach if you also want to showcase your unique selling proposition. Take Grammarly’s video, for example.

Video by Grammarly

In this ad-slash-explainer, the software company drives home why and how businesses benefit from their product. It claims to drive sales, build partnerships, and more. 

Rather than simply introducing your business to the market, this style can introduce the reasons why your business does it better.

Mixed Media

Mixed media pertains to the blending of styles. It could result in a hybrid of live action and computer-generated elements, or even a combination of 2D and 3D graphics.

Applying this to an explainer video, you can set a wide range of tones. Your brand can convey a serious yet informative voice with this style. Or communicate creativity and spunk.

Mild caution, though. Because the demands of this style are out of reach for some companies, we advise opting for other versatile explainer video styles, such as 2D animation. But if you think this suits your goals best, find cost-effective solutions to make your vision a reality.

In Summary

Finding the right explainer video style for your brand is vital to your brand’s marketing. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down your options with this list. In here, you’ll find the top explainer video styles you can use for business:

  • Whiteboard animation
  • Dynamic text & infographic
  • 3D animation
  • 2D animation
  • Live action
  • Mixed media

Get Your Message Across with Impact Using Any of These Explainer Video Styles

NarraSoft’s video editing team can do that for you! We can edit your video content using raw footage or seamlessly piece it together from scratch! 

With our talent pool of outstanding digital artists and video editors, NarraSoft can provide you with anything your company needs. So get that high-converting, engaging content you’ve been looking for today.

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