Marketing Nation Summit: Changing the Way You Engage Customers

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The 2017 Marketing Nation Summit promises to make the attendees rethink the way their businesses engage customers. Hosted by Marketo, the conference is a major industry event that tackles digital marketing and customer engagement. It also brings together some of the best and the brightest in marketing, advertising, IT, services, and beyond.

Attending the event means getting exposed to innovative thought leadership, insightful learning sessions, and exceptional networking opportunities that will inspire you to reevaluate the way you interact with customers and push you to drive results that matter.

Learn From the Best

Past conferences have given us the opportunity to learn from amazing people like Hillary Clinton, Will Smith, Arianna Huffington, John Legend, and many more. This year, the keynote speakers include Grammy Award-winning musician, Queen Latifah, CEO of Marketo, Steve Lucas, CMO of Marketo, Chandar Pattabhiram, and Tony Award-winning performer, James Corden.

Improve Your Marketo Knowledge

Activities such as University Day, workshops, demos, and presentations will help deepen and strengthen your Marketo knowledge. You will also be at the front seat when Marketo launches new exciting products and makes innovation announcements.

Connect With Peers

In addition to learning from the industry’s thought leaders, you get the opportunity to share knowledge and insights with your peers from all over the world during the daily happy hours as well as in the evening events.

At NarraSoft, we share your passion for continuous learning and innovation. We also salute the efforts of Marketo in bringing together the industry’s top people and influencing others to redefine their marketing strategies. We wish you and everyone in the summit all the best as we look forward to working with you in the future.


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