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What Makes a Mobile App Successful

Thousands of mobile applications are being developed and marketed every day. However, only a handful of these will be able to attract the attention of users and become profitable. If you are going to create an iOS, Android app or Unity, you might want to consider the following strategies that have made many mobile apps successful.


Some people would say that in this day and age, nothing is truly original anymore. Well then, how about putting a fresh spin on an old idea? Take, for instance, the Plants vs Zombies game, which was a huge hit a couple of years back.

If you think about it, there’s really nothing new about brain-eating undead creatures. In fact, zombies have become ubiquitous. You see them in the movies, television shows, and comic books among other platforms. The creators of Plants vs Zombies, however, were able to create a new and exciting game that mobile users can’t get enough of. That is, until the next big thing hit the market.

Problem solver

Any mobile app that can make life a bit easier will surely find an audience. Whether it’s a budget planner, a calorie counter, or a traffic/navigation tool, your mobile application has a great chance of achieving success if it provides users with a way to solve a particular problem.

Excellent design

First impressions count in a tough market, especially now that consumers’ tastes have become more sophisticated. You may have a unique, wonderful product but if is poorly designed, it’s unlikely you’ll even make a dent in the market.

Aside from aesthetic concerns, such as color scheme and typography, you must think about the app’s navigation and compatibility. Test it out on devices it will be used on to make sure the potential users will get maximum enjoyment.

Mobile devices have become as powerful as desktop computers. Their processing power allows developers to play in a vast digital sandbox and come up with impressive applications. To create your own app and ensure its success, all it takes is one bright idea. If you already have one, let NarraSoft turn it into reality. We have a team of talented mobile developers that create unique, useful, and well-designed apps. Contact us today to learn how we can we help with your mobile development outsourcing needs.