What’s in a Name?

Our names are critically important to each of us. They are direct symbols of our self-identity. Names represent who we are…our lives, our dreams, our desires, our egos, our families. Names represent and reflect our humanity.

This is why calling someone by their name is so vital in effective communications; and especially helpful when attempting persuasive communications. Consider the difference a single word makes when added to a simple request.

“Can you please have this report on my desk by the end of the day?”

“Can you please have this report on my desk by the end of the day, Thomas?”

The second request more directly connects with Thomas’ sense of motivation, because Thomas hears his name spoken aloud. This more directly connects the request to Thomas’ sense of self and this more familiar tone creates a positive feeling within Thomas’ psyche.

Begin using people’s names in your daily conversations; even with people you know well. You will be pleasantly surprised at the positive reactions you receive.

This has been the sixth post of a thirty-blog series devoted to examining Dale Carnegie’s 30 principles of How to Win Friends and Influence People. I am writing these blogettes with the intention of educating and inspiring NarraSoft’s 60 employees in Manila with specific focus on our customers in the software developmentmobile development and 3D/2D art outsourcing industries. I hope they will also be useful to other companies and individuals. Thank you very much for reading and please reach out with any comments, questions or ideas you may have.