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Why You Should Use React JS for Your eCommerce Website

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When it comes to online shopping, speed and ease of use are of the essence. If your eCommerce website runs slowly at any time, regardless of device, you can kiss goodbye the interest you had won over from a customer just minutes ago.

This is because, often, the reason why online shoppers stay on a website is they can search and navigate through its pages with no problems. In other words, the best way to hook your target audience is by giving them a good user experience. 

How do you do that? You use a smart user interface-building tool, like React JS.

A Brief Look Into React JS

The best way to visualize what React JS is or does is by visiting Facebook on your web browser. By scrolling through Facebook, you experience the kind of output this JavaScript library can produce. 

Dynamic web pages that quickly reflect changing data, quick response times when you’re interacting with graphical elements, and a sleek and clean user interface (UI) design are some of the top things users experience on Facebook and generally on well-designed React-based web applications.

According to author and software developer Cory Gackenheimer, React JS was designed for large interfaces with continuously changing data. 

This is why it’s particularly good for social media apps and single-page applications (SPAs). But the features that make it good for social media and SPAs will also be the very reasons why this JavaScript library is compatible with eCommerce websites.

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React JS Features that Make It Optimal for eCommerce Use

For an eCommerce website to be successful, it needs to be dynamic. 

Browsing the site, adding items to virtual shopping carts, and scrolling through what an online shop offers are only a few of the activities your users do, and the task of your eCommerce site is to promptly reflect any changes they make. 

So if you want visitors to experience seamless browsing and scrolling on your website, then look into React JS. It can help you achieve these goals.

Enhanced Performance through Virtual DOM

When customers are browsing through items on your eCommerce website, the last thing you want them to do is wait. You wouldn’t want them to click on a product, watch a delayed screen to render, and bounce off your site and into your competitor’s. 

The only thing you gain from giving your shoppers this kind of experience is lost revenue. And as a shopper yourself, you’re familiar with the irritation that comes with waiting for sites to respond to your interactions.

So how does React JS prevent this from happening? In React, there’s a thing called the virtual document object model or the virtual DOM. It enhances your application’s performance by optimizing rendering times.

This feature is significantly crucial to an eCommerce website. With the virtual DOM on your side, real-time changes in data immediately show up on your customer’s screen. 

It’s essentially Facebook speed on a shopping web app. The faster your website’s response time, the less irate customers you get, leading to higher conversions in the process.

Reusable UI Elements

React JS is primarily a UI library for web applications, which means its purpose is to design the part of your website your customers see. There are dozens of elements you need to integrate into your site, some of them having very similar functions. 

But the thing with several UI frameworks is you will have to develop each element from scratch. This is what draws developers to React, the way its UI elements are reusable.

Why are reusable components relevant to your eCommerce website? How does it substantially help your sales?

Simple — it makes developing, deploying, and updating your website so much faster. Faster deployment means a shorter period between conceptualizing your eCommerce idea and its launch date. 

Plus, reusable components are far easier to maintain. So in the event you need to make any changes to your existing UI components, you can make these changes quickly and then reuse the new elements across your eCommerce pages.

Well-Designed & Customizable Navigation Tools

A primary characteristic of a good, well-built eCommerce website is a good, well-built user interface. Your eCommerce website’s UI is the very thing shoppers interact with, which means it needs to be easily customizable and — in best cases — independent.

With customizable and independent UI, web developers have little to no trouble implementing your website design. That’s because they can concurrently work on your site’s UI elements, optimizing your eCommerce website’s development speed even further.

Because several developers can work on each element in one go, your site will have little to no downtime. In the process, you continuously provide your customers an excellent user experience, avoiding any wasted opportunities you could have incurred in the time your site was not available.

Want another reason for deploying your eCommerce website with React JS at the front end? You can pair the JavaScript library with a backend platform built specifically for React — Commerce JS.

Commerce JS is fast, flexible, and built for enterprise. It has several shopping-specific APIs backend developers can use, tailor-fitting the development of your eCommerce site to your specific needs. In other words, all the tools required to build your online shop can be found by using these two technologies.

Where Else Can You Use React JS?

While React JS is a pretty handy tool for eCommerce websites, this kind of digital product is not the only thing it can build. React JS is dynamic not only in terms of the UI it develops, but also in terms of the web applications it produces.

Because with React, designing the following web applications are possible:

  • Data web applications
  • Social media applications
  • eLearning web applications
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By now we know React JS is primarily a front end and design tool, and the reason why it works so well with the previously mentioned web applications is there are a ton of elements and data required in each. 

For example, data visualization web apps display large amounts of data. They can slow down a page’s rendering time. However, the virtual DOM addresses this issue by significantly reducing the time it takes for a web app to process and present new and existing data. 

It’s the same for eLearning web applications, which tend to have large volumes of data as they are often heavy on videos. 

And of course, social media applications and React JS are a perfect pair simply because the library’s development had social networking in mind. Social media’s ever-changing data and large UIs are what make the two so compatible.

For a more in-depth look into why React JS is an excellent tool to build these applications and more, visit our post What Web Apps Can I Build with React JS?

Put React Into Good Use By Finding the Right Team to Build Your eCommerce Website

Of course, a good tool is nothing without a great team to use it, which is very true for React JS and React developers.

Having React JS alone will already cut down the time it takes to build your eCommerce web application. But for you to truly maximize its advantages, you need a good development team by your side.

Where do you find this team? How do you build it in the shortest period possible? There are companies that prefer to hire a full-blown team in-house. It’s a good option for businesses that have expendable time and resources, but if you want to develop your eCommerce web application really fast, we recommend outsourcing. 

Outsourcing React JS developers can help you reach your sales goals. In doing so, you automatically cut down the time it takes to build your eCommerce site.

Additionally, you significantly reduce your spending relative to the costs of integrating a team of React developers on your own. This is especially important for startup eCommerce businesses wanting to maximize their resources.

And lastly, you don’t actually lose control over your project by outsourcing React JS developers. In fact, what you’re doing is simply augmenting your team. 

But if this is a reason for your misgivings about outsourcing, one way to ensure you can trust your software development partner is to identify their work culture and see if it’s aligned with yours. 

And if you can easily communicate your goals with their leads and their team, then you’ve found your development partner.

In Summary

React JS is an excellent front end library for your eCommerce website because you get to:

  • Enhance your website’s performance
  • Reuse UI components across web pages
  • Create well-designed and customizable navigation tools 

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