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Redditor Receives Video Game Suggestions for their Red Light, Green Light Animation

If you’re subscribed to Netflix or have been active on social media these past few months, you know the internet has recently been abuzz with all things Squid Game; so when user saas_dev (Saas) uploaded on Reddit their 3D animation of the Red Light, Green Light scene, it became an instant hit.

With over a thousand upvotes, Saas’s 3D animation of one of the most harrowing scenes in the popular Korean series — now the most-watched series on Netflix — reimagines the tragic children’s game as a video game. 

The animated video, made on Epic’s Unreal Engine, replicates the mechanics of Red Light, Green Light but with generic mannequin-type characters for players.

Just like in the Squid Game (2021) series, players have to cross the now-iconic giant doll’s territory without getting caught. The consequence of getting caught is also pretty much the same — the player is shot to a bloody death.

This post struck a chord with Squid Game and video game fans alike. So much so that many have suggested turning the sample animation into an actual video game. After all, Saas is a step closer to this reality by making the viral video on an epic game engine.

Some Game Ideas from the Reddit Thread of Red Light, Green Light Sample Animation

Watch saas_dev’s (Futurize on YouTube) video on YouTube. Video by Futurize

The very nature of Squid Game the series paves the way for Squid Game the video game. Its high risk and high reward mechanics will put any video gamer on edge, just like it did the characters.

So it’s easy to see why people would harp on about building a video game version on a forum post that makes it look possible. 

In the comments section of the Reddit post, commenters have made clever and feasible suggestions ranging from multiplayer modes to mini-games.

A Reddit user named dangerousbob says, “I thought about doing this but figured someone else would. Add multiplayer and you got a gem!”

Comment by dangerousbob

That’s a pretty good idea reminiscent of Fall Guys’ (2020) battle royale style. The only problem is it’s easy to let go of a game controller in order for a player to stay still, as opposed to, say, trying to freeze amid bloodshed.

So another Reddit user on the same thread proposed having a mini-game as the determining factor in whether a player moves or stays put.

BlakeyD recommends “[adding a mini-game] to stay still while you’re waiting for the next green light. That way it’s closer to the rendition in the show.”

Comment by BlakeyD

Squid Game & Fall Guys?

Only time will tell when or how these ideas pan out for Saas. However, what’s certain is Mediatonic lead game designer Joe Walsh has a renewed interest in Red Light, Green Light, something that, apparently, Fall Guys has “dabbled with” in the past.

According to Walsh, the team “never actually got to prototyping” that mini-game, seeing as gameplay didn’t make much sense, he said in an interview with TechRadar.

“But now seeing how popular Squid Game is I’d love for us to have another crack at something like that and see if we could do it in Fall Guys,” he added.

Perhaps a mini-game within a mini-game is key to solving Mediatonic’s predicament. But also quite possibly, a key source of confusion for players. Whatever they come up with, we’re excited to see any future plans for Fall Guys x Squid Game.

Image credits to Canva

Outside the 3D Animation of Red Light, Green Light: Netflix’s Plans to Make a ‘Squid Game’ Mobile Game

Netflix has recently expressed its interest in the world of mobile gaming with its roll-out of two Stranger Things games. Now, with the global hit that Squid Game’s become, the next logical step seems to be to make Squid Game-themed mobile games, right?

Netflix’s VP of content for Asia Pacific, Kim Minyoung, thinks so too. In fact, Kim said in a Zoom interview with The Hollywood Reporter her team is “looking at multiple different areas — from games, consumer product and others — to really figure out what we can bring to our audiences to increase their affinity toward our content and give them more joy, while staying true to the world that our creator has built.”

However, many game developers today want to jump on the Squid Game bandwagon while the series is still generating so much hype.

So if Netflix won’t be the first to release a highly anticipated game version of the series, a Squid Game spinoff is sure to emerge sometime soon.

Other Animation Remakes of Red Light, Green Light

The Red Light, Green Light animation by Saas isn’t the only one circulating the web, of course. Countless others have published their own rendition of that segment in the series. And one even went viral across social networking sites.

A fan-made animation of the giant doll from Red Light, Green Light recently went viral on TikTok, eventually spilling over to other social media platforms like Twitter.

TikTok by @punyaibenk

In the animated video, a CGI render of the gigantic doll dances while chanting the actual Korean name of the game — 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 (mugunghua kkochi pieottsubnida), which loosely translates to “the hibiscus flower has bloomed”. As of this writing, the original video has amassed 65.8 million views. 

This particular scene also brought about other animated videos, some of which are by big-time game brands. Roblox and Minecraft, in particular, added their own spin to the scene.

Video by PawnStudios
Video by EnchantedMob

Whether these efforts will translate to big-time video games in the future is something NarraSoft will be keeping tabs on from here on out.

In Summary

A hit Reddit post by a user called saas_dev reimagines Red Light, Green Light — or more aptly called 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 (mugunghua kkochi pieottsubnida) — as a video game.

In the animated video, which was made in the game engine Unreal, mannequin-type players follow the mechanics of the game as shown in the Netflix series Squid Game. The same post has received responses suggesting how saas_dev can turn their creation into an actual video game.

Some of these suggestions include a multi-player mode with mini-games to determine whether a player gets to stay still. The Fall Guys team is also apparently looking into the possibility of adding Red Light, Green Light in their collection of mini-games.

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