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Outsource Game Developers to Get the Tools You Need for Your Video Game or Mobile Game

You’re probably reading this article because you’re wondering why you should outsource game developers instead of hiring them in-house. As the headline suggests, one of the greatest advantages you gain from outsourcing game developers is the tools automatically made available to you.

Game development takes a ton of work, and it takes up a ton of resources, too. If a company decides to build its own game development team, it must be willing to invest time and resources to find the right candidates and even set up the infrastructure they need.

This is why outsourcing is the choice solution for some companies specializing in only one or two stages of game development. They know focusing on their core competencies is the smart way to go about their business. And in the end, they know that this focus will help them rake in more profit.

Ready to outsource game developers? Perhaps not just yet. 

Before you begin your search for game development companies, let’s first dive into what game development really is and what tools you can get through outsourcing.

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A Brief Definition of Game Development

What do you think about when you’re fascinated by a game? Some people might mull over how best to fulfill its objectives and reign supreme over other players. Others might want to explore its environment and unlock every secret hidden in its world. And then there are those whose first question is simply, “How do I make a game like this?”

If you’re part of the last group, then what you’re really asking is how game development works. In very simple terms, game development is a collection of processes — from art creation to programming — that work toward creating a full-fledged game

In his book Game Development and Production, game developer Erik Bethke likens the development of games to the development of software and accurately describes the whole process as follows:

[G]ame development is software development. Games are software with art, audio, and gameplay.

Erik Bethke

And this is true. Our article on game design and game programming delved into two of the most vital processes under game development. We also enumerated the different specializations needed for a game’s complete construction. These are game designers, artists, animators, audio engineers, programmers, and quality-assurance testers. 

In this article, we look into the tools these people need — particularly by the artists and programmers. Let’s start with the essential tools game programmers use.

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Outsource Game Developers to Get the Tools for Programming

The benefits of outsourcing are no longer a secret promoted to a select few. Academics Catherine L. Wang and Glauco De Vita said that in the 1990s, businesses began to realize the importance of focusing on core competencies, leading to the emergence of outsourcing. The practice of outsourcing has helped companies reduce their costs, optimize their workflow, and allowed them to have a competitive edge over similar businesses. Another benefit businesses have derived from outsourcing is the immediate acquisition of tools. Such is the case when you outsource game programmers. 

A game programmer works with code. And this entails a need for the right development platform on which they can program a game’s functionality. But when it comes to game development, programmers often use two types of tools — game engines and programming languages.

Game Engines

Game engines are the environment in which developers build games. It’s made up of different systems with unique contributions to game development, such as animation, scripting, integration of real-world physics, and so many more. Two of the most popular game engines in the market are:

  • Unity
  • Unreal

When someone explores the world of game development for the first time, the first game engine they’re often introduced to is Unity, which has a diverse game-building environment that caters to a wide array of projects. 

It has everything big-time studios want and independent game developers need. The most recent popular games produced with this engine are Fall Guys and Among Us. So if you want to have your game made using its framework, outsource game developers who specialize in Unity! Your creation might just be the next break-out star in the gaming industry.

Learn more about Unity on our blog post What Is Unity Game Engine & Why Should You Choose Unity for Game Development?

Another game engine you will often hear is Unreal. Unreal is the top choice of game developers who want triple-A (AAA) games to be made. This is because the graphics and features in this engine are exquisitely stunning. It has developed beautiful video games like Life Is Strange, whose graphics alone show the strength of its features, including its Cascade Particle Systems, photorealistic rendering, and animation system. If your studio has its eyes set on a highly ambitious AAA project, you need to go for Unreal.

Game Programming Languages

The next tool you gain from outsourcing is the game programming language. By outsourcing experienced developers, you get readily available software the developers use for coding. But apart from that, you also get to have a more important tool, which is the developer’s years of skill and experience.

We had previously tackled the top game development languages your team should know, and this very much applies to outsourced developers. When you’re scouting for a company that offers game development, make sure to check if they have one or more of the following languages. 

  • C#
  • C++
  • Lua
  • Python
  • JavaScript

But remember to have a clear idea of what game you want to build. To hasten your game development process, you will need a game engine, and some of these languages are available to only a few. This means game engines and game programming languages work hand in hand, so you need to check which languages are compatible with the engine you prefer. 

To know more, click on our blog post “5 Game Development Languages Your Team Should Know Right Now” and our blog posts tackling C++ game engines and C# game engines.

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Outsource Game Artists to Get the Tools for Your Digital Game Art

Now comes the necessary tools digital artists use.

One surefire way to get an audience interested in your game is by making sure the graphics are enticing. You might argue that some games in the market have low-budget and low-quality digital art — and yes, there is a niche for that. However, if you’re aiming for a polished, visually appealing game, you will need a professional team of game artists. And if you want your digital art designed at a relatively low budget, you will need to outsource.

2D and 3D Art

For 2D and 3D art, all you need are the standard software. Outsourcing game artists will help you acquire the following software and more:

  • ZBrush
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Substance Painter

Similar to the case of outsourcing programmers, you also get to leverage your outsourcing partner’s pool of digital art talent. Their people are familiar with these digital art applications’ environment, and they’ve invested hours and hours practicing their craft using such software. Outsourcing game artists is the best possible route if you’re looking to build quality video games or mobile games quicker and at a lower price.

Why Is Knowing What Game Development Tools to Use Important?

All the tools we mentioned here are vital for your game, but you will most likely not need all of them at once. 

Before you start looking for an outsourcing company to partner with, you must first look into the tools you actually need. By clearly defining your goals for your game, you also help your company expedite the development process. 

The first thing you can do is digitally search all the tools mentioned in this article. You may even broaden your search by typing in “game engines” or “digital art software” on a search engine. Then, sift through articles tackling what these technologies do and what their unique strengths are. 

Once you’ve determined what tools you want to work with, look for outsourcing companies offering services using them. If you’re unsure, you may simply send your potential outsourcing partner a message.

You can start looking through game engines and game programming languages by visiting our blog posts. They elaborate on the important things you need to know about different technologies:

In Summary

When you outsource game developers, you get the following necessary tools:

  • Game engines, such as Unity and Unreal
  • Programming languages, such as C# and C++
  • Digital art software, such as Autodesk Maya and ZBrush

Do you want to have your game built using these software applications? NarraSoft has all of them and more.

Contact NarraSoft today at sales@narrasoft.com so you can work with a highly experienced group of game developers for art and programming. You may also send us a message on our chat box or contact form. Let’s bring your game to the next level!