The Queen’s Gambit to Become a Mobile Game on the Netflix App This Year

The Queen’s Gambit Netflix game trailer. Video by Netflix

Mobile gaming is new terrain for the streaming site Netflix, but the company’s plans for it are beginning to gather momentum with The Queen’s Gambit as its next major game release.

Scheduled for release this year, The Queen’s Gambit game is based on the popular Netflix miniseries and the beloved board game that’s at the heart of the show. 

And if you’re thinking this is basically chess, you’re correct. However, it’s chess set in Beth Harmon’s world.

Queen's Gambit Netflix Game image 1
Image credits to Canva

What You Can Expect in The Queen’s Gambit Netflix Game

The official trailer reveals several things about the mobile game. The Queen’s Gambit Chess is set in a 3D game environment, players have to progress to unlock computer opponents, and the computer opponents are based on the characters of the series.

Through tutorials and matches, the game will challenge rookies and masters to bring their chess prowess to the next level. It has single- and multi-player modes, The Hollywood Reporter says, allowing you to play against real-life opponents as well.

The Queen’s Gambit game is one of the many titles to feature on the Netflix app this year. It was published by the UK-based indie game developer Ripstone Games.

An article in Netflix’s companion site Tudum reports that the director and co-founder of Ripstone Phil Gaskell regards their game as “a ‘love letter to The Queen’s Gambit’ and a new benchmark for chess on mobile.” Gaskell adds it has something to offer for both fans of the limited series and chess itself.

Given everything we know about the upcoming Netflix game, it seems to offer more than just chess. It also promises players a narrative akin to that of the series and an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be in Beth Harmon’s shoes.

Android and iOS players can find it on the Games tab of the streaming site’s mobile application, where a slew of other games by other developers can be found. Netflix subscribers can play the game for free.

Queen's Gambit Netflix Game image 2
Image credits to Canva

Why Netflix is Releasing Mobile Games

In a bid to expand its capacity for entertainment, Netflix gradually rolled out mobile games last year.

Netflix said they considered gaming as another possible category for the type of content they create, Reuters reports. And since then, the streaming company has released a variety of other games including Moonlighter, Dragon Up, and Dominoes Café. Their current selection comes from a wide range of genres.

In Summary

Netflix will be releasing a mobile game adaptation of its popular series The Queen’s Gambit. It’s a chess game set in the world of the limited series, giving players the opportunity to compete against the best players in the show.

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