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You Think Cost Is the Only Advantage of 3D Art Outsourcing for Your Game? Unsurprisingly, There Are Many More

Are you on the fence about 3D art outsourcing because of the assumption that “lower cost” is the only advantage you will gain from it? If you are, then you might need to recalibrate your outlook on this — stat.

Why Should You Consider 3D Art Outsourcing? Hint: It’s Not Just About the Money

It’s true — the main reason behind the outsourcing industry’s success is its very affordable price. After all, companies are constantly seeking ways to maximize their capital and resources. But it’s also rather shocking how so many gaming companies — especially those in the small to medium range — think twice about outsourcing their 3D art assets because they believe cost reduction is the sole advantage and consideration. 

Sure, you can find a unique set of benefits in choosing to create 3D art internally. And you might argue your well of resources can cover all the things you need to build an art team and solid infrastructure from nothing. 

But the advantages of 3D art outsourcing greatly outweigh those of creating 3D art in-house, which is particularly true for new gaming companies with minimal knowledge in the 3D art creation process. So if you’re a company that falls within this category, then you might want to read on. In this article, we give you the five main advantages of outsourcing the 3D art assets of your game. 

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Advantage #1: Significantly Reduced Work 

Developing a game makes for long and tedious work. If you’re aiming to build a full-fledged game without delegating some of the important tasks, then expect a lot of your time to get eaten up.

A lot of new gaming companies, however, anticipate long hours only in the software development stage, underestimating the kind of labor that goes into art creation. This part can actually be tricky, and the level of difficulty intensifies if the art you need is three-dimensional simply because creating it involves highly technical and complex work.

Aside from the game development proper, small to medium gaming companies also have to deal with recruitment. They have yet to form an art team. Money, as well as energy, is then channeled into the recruitment process, and time is spent screening scores of candidates. 

To make matters worse, new gaming companies have extra priorities: from establishing its brand to marketing it properly. Plus, these businesses have to keep operating smoothly, needing help in back-office work and management.

But all of these problems become solved by this one thing: outsourcing. With outsourcing, you immediately check off:

  • Hiring a capable art team because your partner outsourcing company can provide that for you;
  • Creating 3D art assets for your game because a highly competent team is doing that for you; and
  • Fretting about additional work so you can focus on your core business.

Advantage #2: Excellent 3D Asset Quality

If you want excellent 3D art assets for your game, you will need an equally excellent group of artists — specifically, artists with specialized knowledge in rendering and optimizing 3D art assets. Hiring artists to create 3D art necessitates ensuring they are familiar with certain processes and tools. But if you’re in dire need of artists, you might end up deciding to hire an art team with little regard for their 3D art experience. Then, you will have to invest in training your new hires, which is going to take up a lot of time.

With outsourcing, however, you won’t have to experience the recruitment process or spend time and money on training. The artists you’ll have on your team are already professionals who can create high-quality 3D art assets. 

If an outsourcing company markets their 3D art creation services, it likely means they have created 3D art before: Their artists serviced clients with the same problems your company has, and you’re bound to find solutions with them, too. 

Want to really make sure they’re a good fit for your company? Here’s a good tip to keep in mind: Check their portfolio! That’s where you’ll get to see what the outsourcing firm is capable of. If you’re interested, NarraSoft’s portfolio is also available for viewing.

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Advantage #3: Gaining Expert Partnership with Your 3D Art Outsourcing Company

Setting up your own 3D art team is definitely a viable option. But here’s the catch: You’re going to have to overcome a lot of uncertainty that comes with it. You’re going to scour through recruitment platforms in the hopes of finding artists knowledgeable and experienced enough to make 3D art assets. And you won’t do this once. You probably won’t even do it only twice. An ongoing effort is required for you to be successful in your search.

On the other hand, with 3D art outsourcing, you simply have to find the right outsourcing firm that matches your business objectives. And it’s actually easy to check whether or not you’re compatible with the outsourcing company. Simply go to their website and see how they work, and get to know what their 3D art creation process is like. 

Advantage #4: Stable, High-Grade Infrastructure

Are you hesitant about building your in-house 3D art team because you dread the idea of setting up the infrastructure your (presently non-existent) team needs? Believe us when we say you’re not alone. 

Infrastructure is a common worry among tech startups, and new gaming companies experience this as well. They buckle under the pressure of searching for and installing high-performing technology in their office in order to execute important work, such as creating art assets for their game. Plus, gaming companies have to make sure they buy the kind of licensed software applications that’s compatible with their business objectives and art team.

With a partner outsourcing company, however, your infrastructure worries disappear. All the infrastructure your gaming company will ever need is available to your outsourcing partner, which means you won’t have to pay for the technology they already have and you won’t have to think about where to install new infrastructure, too. The best part, perhaps, is the fact your partner outsourcing company has tried and tested their technology, which means you have an advantage over your competitors who decide to build their art team in-house. They will still have to undergo trial and error. Luckily, you won’t have to.

Image credits to Pexels

Advantage #5: Availability and Knowledge of Tools

Just as a carpenter needs their saws and drills, so too an artist needs their canvas and paint. In the context of game asset creation, however, the tools of an artist translate to design software

Part of the infrastructure is the design software, but the advantage attached to an outsourcing company having stable infrastructure differs from that of its familiarity with its design software. This is because artists directly interact with the software, and it is in this space where 3D art designs are conceived.

Over the years, an outsourcing company that promotes its 3D art services surely has a dependable collection of design software its artists have used time and time again. It’s reassuring to think your dedicated 3D artists know their tools so well. At NarraSoft, our artists are experts in using the following 3D art creation software:

  • AutoDesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • Z-Brush
  • Adobe Photoshop

Alternatively, if you want your 3D artists to create your game assets using specific software, you can feel relieved at the fact you’re probably not the first gaming company to have made this request. A well-established outsourcing company is adept at adapting to their clients’ requests, which means yours can be accommodated just as easily.

Bonus Advantage of 3D Art Outsourcing

If you partner with a Philippines-based outsourcing company, you will have a much easier time communicating your ideas with your 3D artists. The Philippines is an ideal offshore location for companies looking to outsource not only because of the rates its BPO firms offer, but also because of how easy communication is.

In Summary

Cost is not the only advantage you gain from outsourcing your game’s 3D art assets. You also get to:

  1. Significantly reduce your company’s workload;
  2. Have excellent 3D art assets for your startup’s game;
  3. Partner with a highly experienced team of 3D artists;
  4. Immediately have stable and high-end infrastructure; and
  5. Access amazing design tools used by big gaming companies.

Plus: If you outsource this service to the Philippines, you have the advantage of being able to communicate your ideas easily with your art team, expediting the 3D art creation aspect of developing your game.

NarraSoft’s outsourcing services range from project development to clerical work execution. You can expect services involving data entry, technical support, 3D art creation, software development, and so many more. If you’re interested in outsourcing to NarraSoft, send an email to sales@narrasoft.com!