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New Facebook Group Features Can Aid Customer Support & Community Building

Community-building is a solid first step toward spreading awareness of your brand. Today, building this community and encouraging engagement among its members have become easier for support admins, thanks to the new Facebook group features.

Meta has recently announced its new array of Facebook group features that aim to “support and empower [group] admins like you to achieve your goals.” 

In addition to its moderation tools announced in June this year, the tech company also introduced personalization features to its groups.

This new array of tools range from cosmetic changes to automated assistance. But what does this have to do with growing your business and keeping potential customers around? 

In this article, we’ll tell you what this means for businesses hoping to use Facebook groups as their starting point in strengthening their brand and business growth. 

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What Are the New & Notable Facebook Group Features? Why Are They Important?

Building awareness on social media sites like Facebook is nothing new in the world of digital marketing. In fact, it’s one of the first things budding brands do to acquire further support from potential buyers.

For example, let’s say a brand is trying to break into the tech scene with its food delivery app. To encourage users to give their product a try, this brand can create a Facebook group dedicated to restaurant recommendations within a certain vicinity. 

From time to time, admins and members can talk about top pastry shops or the best lunch meals in the group. And as the headcount increases, the former can advertise the company’s food delivery app to a growing audience. 

The only problem is when a group gets out of hand. This is partly what the new Facebook group features aim to address in order to support admins.

A post in Facebook’s blog notes how these tools identify “what needs action in the group up front, across posts, members and reported items.” The following key features make this happen:

  • Admin Assist
  • Conflict alerts
  • Member summary

However, Facebook also went beyond moderation and explored customization. The tech giant recently announced an additional suite of personalization tools that will “help admins better develop the group’s culture,” among other things, an article in TechCrunch says. These features include:

  • Real-time chat
  • Community awards
  • Subscription-based subgroups

How these New Facebook Group Features Help Support Your Business & Your Community

What do these new Facebook group features do? How do they make Facebook admins’ lives easier? And more importantly, how do they impact users’ impression of a brand?

An article in Forbes cites a study that reveals people are over 80% more likely to trust a recommendation by a friend. And what better way to encourage friends to share recommendations than to build an online community dedicated to such activity.

So let’s take a look at what these tools and features do that could make community-building easier on Facebook.

New Moderation Features for Facebook Groups

  • Admin Assist allows moderators to automate screening posts and comments by giving them the chance to customize criteria for what makes a post acceptable.
  • Conflict alerts notify admins about potential conflict occurring in a post. Admins can then limit the number of posts by contentious members.
  • Member summary lets admins know the activities of a member within the group and any action taken against the member’s activities.

These tools are likely successful in maintaining a clean, conflict-free environment among group members. But while encouraging optimism in a group is going to make a brand look good, businesses should probably hear out negative feedback, especially if it’s warranted.

New Engagement Features for Facebook Groups

Not all these new tools are geared toward moderation, though. If you’re a part of a Facebook group, you’ve probably noticed the react button is newly accompanied by an “Award” button.

According to Facebook, this award button is meant to “encourage engagement, make the content more visible to members and help demonstrate the group’s content at its best.” 

Aside from community awards, Facebook is working to roll out other features like real-time chat, where members can directly chat with one another without going to a separate chat app like Messenger.

As for subgroups, members in a Facebook group can opt to join a more specialized group, and sometimes for a fee. TechCrunch notes this feature can come in handy for coaching, networking, or any exclusive content.

It’s too early to tell whether these features will actually help Facebook’s admins moderate group content while enhancing members’ experience. 

But needless to say, their success will also be contingent on the admins or support agents operating these new Facebook group features.

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The Importance of Having Qualified Moderators & Support Agents

The benefits of having a live chat support team include increasing customer satisfaction, a brand’s conversion rate, and more. Similar, you might think, to the kind of Facebook group admin a brand would want to have engaging their community. 

Why do you think that is? It’s because these people are likely to guarantee your online community’s success. 

Remember that these tools and features have not been in place before. And while they can improve your community’s experience, the real MVPs of Facebook communities are the support agents running the group.

So, where can you find these support agents? Running a Facebook group is similar to running a brand’s social media page, except it’s done on a large scale in that you have to monitor and acknowledge everyone’s activity simultaneously. 

Our advice when you’re scouting for excellent Facebook group admins who can efficiently handle your brand’s community? Look for expert chat or tech support agents with years of experience managing customer care.

When you’re growing a community to raise awareness of your business, you need to be as helpful and professional as possible to ensure you reach your brand’s goals. And believe us when we say hiring a solid support team is going to make that happen.

In Summary

Meta, formerly Facebook, is gradually rolling out new features for its social media platform. These features or tools automate moderation and create new customization systems in Facebook groups, empowering admins to better supervise and support group members’ activities.

These new Facebook group features for moderation include:

  • Admin Assist
  • Conflict alerts
  • Member summary

As for customization:

  • Real-time chats
  • Community awards
  • Subscription-based subgroups

Brands that hope to grow communities advocating for their product or service can start with Facebook groups. And while we think these tools are helpful, we also know having a professional chat and tech support team can increase a brand’s chances of successfully engaging its potential consumers.

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